Top 3 Food Spots in LA

Hatfield’s Restaurant

Los Angeles, home to Hollywood, is one of the most popular places with respect to reputation. Hollywood has made this state a popular destination where celebrities are considered a norm. Hollywood is not the only aspect of this state which makes it a favorite. Food of a place shows the worth of that place; if the food is good then the place is good.

LA has been featured in television programs because of some of its excessively famous restaurants. It is difficult to choose one place for food over another and many foodies have difficulties deciding.

Below are few of the accomplished food places serving delicious food, which has made them the best.

Food is not only fuel to the body; it is fuel to the inner core. Your favorite kind of food defines your likes and dislikes. Some people think that fashion is senseless because it is materialistic and is not a source of happiness. People consider fashion as an illusion to happiness but that is a misconception. Everyone has different things with which they describe their personalities; fashion is one such trait and food is another. Food is a source of happiness and a lot of people will go to desperate lengths to get good food.


It is one of the best sushi places in the world. The reviews are absolutely fabulous. Only a few places are as admired as this amazing place. It offers sushi but calling it simply sushi would be an insult; they are the top-of-the-world and better than any other place. Chef Nobu Matuhisa runs another place but Matsuhisa is the best. Sushis, rolls, flavored Saki; everything is top-notch. No item sold here is below the best. The people there pay special attention to details and have succeeded in becoming one of the greatest sushi places. Only drawback is that it is expensive but if you want to have the best you have to pay for it.


It is a restaurant selling top-of-the-range food. It is known for its specially flavored food. It is mentioned in LA Magazine’s 57 Lunch Time Spots, which includes 57 of the most favorite spots of food for lunch in LA. It is regarded as LA’s best high-end restaurants. It produces excellent foods specializing in appetizers and starters. It has a 3-step a la carte course with starter, entrée and dessert. It has made a reputation of being one of the best by serving the best food in the city.


Craft has an upscale atmosphere and provides professional service. It does a very good job during lunch and has an excellent atmosphere. It is a perfect location for company outings. The food includes special preparation with an emphasis on taste. They make the food delicious and garnish it with professional accuracy. Not only the food but also the desserts are one of the best, serving doughnuts and ice creams. The service is meeting all the expectations.

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