Top 3 Cultural Sites in Sweden


What would the world be like if there were no cultural sites to visit? How would we be able to tell how people from a certain region embraced life? Culture is an important aspect in human life as it lets us to take a glimpse at what was, what will be and what could be.  Sweden as a country has special wonders to offer its visitors in terms of a very rich culture and history.

With breathtaking landscapes, fascinating cities and an amazing culture, it is a must visit while in Europe. A visit to the south of the country will present you little red cottages that are scattered all across its Archipelago, while a visit to the North will mean embracing dense green forests and a pastoral landscape. The city life comes with upscale restaurants, shopping sprees to be enjoyed and first-rate cultural opportunities. You will find ancient Viking burial grounds, hiking paths and biking paths in the countryside with a tradition that is still very much alive.

Whereas there are a number of fascinating cultural sites in Sweden, here is a look at the top three:

Birka and Hovgården

Located on the gorgeous Björkö Island, on Lake Mälar is the wonderful cultural site of Birka and Hovgården. It comprises of two archaeological sitesthat are representative of the trading networks that date back to the Viking-Age Europe. It is believed to be the site from which Kings and Chieftains ruled the area and is also an important site that embraced the first Christian congregation in Sweden. Because of its location on a small island, it has remained relatively un-spoilt by modern development and exploitation hence giving you a chance to glimpse at the area that influenced the subsequent history of Scandinavia.

The Royal Domain of Drottningholm

The Royal Domain of Drotttninholm is one of Sweden’s Royal palaces that it`s located on an island in Lake Mälar. It served as a residence for the royal court from ca 1720 to 1792. This well preserved royal palace beckons many to visit as it lets you glimpse into the days of the royals. It comes with a beautifully manicured garden and, within its walls you will discover unique collections from the era.

The Church Village of Gammelstad

Located in Gammelstaden, near the city of Luleå, in Northern Sweden is the wonderful cultural site, the Church village of Gammelstad. This site comprises of a number of wooden houses that are testimony to how a traditional church town looked like in the day. The 424 wooden houses were used to house worshippers from the surrounding countryside that couldn't return home on the same day.

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