Top 2 Historic Sites in USA

Historic Sites USA

America is one of the most visited countries in the world. Found by Christopher Columbus, who sailed out to find India and instead discovered US, America has gained an important essential position among the countries of the world. It is comprised of two continents, North and South America, and has 50 states.

It has some prominent historical sites which have been preserved by experts with special care. Tourists all over the world come to visit these places and if you’re one of them then you should know a few of the top historic attractions in the country without which your tour would be incomplete.

The history of America is exciting because of the way it arose from enslavement of people to tolerating all kinds of people. Many states like California, Massachusetts and New York have plenty of museums, libraries and parks which are quite old depicting the historical depth of the country.

Grand Canyon

About 1 million people see the Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, each year, most of them view it from buses, cars or helicopters, and only 10% choose to go for a hike through the terrain. Those who use vehicles view it from the South Rim which is easily accessible and open all year while the rest see it from the North Rim. The North Rim is a few hundred miles from the South Rim via car, and is open from May 15th till October 15th every year. The North Rim can also be reached by hiking through the canyon which is an overnight trip and about 21 miles away.

There are plenty of packages for people to buy over the internet if they are planning for a vacation. These packages are for buses, cars and helicopters. Hiking is even better but not something everyone would want to do. The helicopter tours are the best because nothing beats a view from above the skies, it is just extraordinary.

United States Capitol

The US Capitol was originally built in 1793 but it has gone through a lot making it an important part of the American history. It is located at the top of the Capitol Hill at the eastern end of National Mall. It has been destroyed, burnt, rebuilt and restored continuously over the years and has finally evolved to the structure we see now.

Tours are held for those who want to look at the place where the Congress is held. The Capitol Visit Center was built with an enormous amount of money to bring in visitors. The center has food, restrooms and educational exhibits for visitors.

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