Top 10 Free Attractions in Paris

Cathedral Notre Dame

Paris is perhaps one of the most romantic and beautiful cities on earth. This beauty may be a bit costly for those who are on budget cuts, but anyway Paris has so much to offer that you would not run out of free things that you can enjoy in Paris. Read on to find out top 10 free attractions in Paris.

Free Museums on First Sunday of the month

Amongst other museums there is the world famous Louvre which offers free tours on first Sundays. Here, more than 35000 objects dating back to the 19th century are placed over an area of massive 60,600 square meters.

Explore River Seine

Enjoy the fine and relaxing weather on the banks of this fabulous river and watch the boats pass by. You will notice good amount of activity here and large number of people can be seen occupying the spots near the river.

Watch the Eiffel Tower Glitter at Night

The iconic tower and the symbol of love, dominates the skyline of Paris. You can watch the Eiffel tower sparkle after the dark for 5 minutes each hour up to 1 am in winters. It is a mesmerizing sight.

Open Air Cinema

Perhaps the best free option to enjoy a free summer evening in Paris is the open air cinema at the Parc de la Vilette. You should be comfortable on the grass. If not, then you can have a deckchair for 7 Euros.

Incredible Parks

Paris is bustling with beautiful public parks where locals and tourists spend a lot of time. Visit incredibly beautiful gardens of Tuilerie. Children can have a lot of fun while adults can relax and enjoy the ambiance.


You should visit Sacracur, a very popular place which is considered the highest point in the city. It offers some very spectacular views of the city. The gleaming white Basilica is beautiful and had managed to retain its charm through the adversities of time. The neighborhood is also great and worth exploring.

Fashion show at Galeries Lafayette

If you are lucky enough to book in advance, you can get the taste of Paris fashion every Friday at the Galeries Lafayette departmental store. They organize free shows with professional models dominating the stage.

Picnic at Square du Vert-Galant

Take the stairs down from Pont Neuf with your picnic stuff and enjoy the ambiance of this park. You can see many people enjoying a relaxing evening time at this place.

Jardin du Luxemburg

Jardin du Luxemburg which isthe garden of the French senate and the second largest park in Paris can absorb your entire day with ease. You can walk the park all day long admiring its incredible monuments, beautiful fountains and ancient statues.

Cathedral Notre Dame

This is one of the most famous attractions of Paris that sits dominantly in the center of Seine. Apart from this gorgeous figure, the square around the Notre Dame is very vibrant and always bustling with activity attracting a lot of crowd.

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