Tokyo The Majestic Palace for the Japan Inhabitants


Tokyo is the capital city of Japan that claims to be the largest metropolitan area in the world. Japanese Imperial family founds Tokyo as their home and so the place is referred to as the Imperial Palace. The two islands Izu and Ogasawara combines to form Tokyo that lies in the Kanto region on the Southeastern side of the main island Hoshnu.

Originally, Tokyo does not resemble a city; it is more like a “metropolitan prefecture” which somehow differs from a city. Formerly Tokyo was recognized with the name “Edo” that meant “estuary”. In 1868, after it emerged as the Imperial capital it was renamed as Tokyo. Today it stands as one of the most developed cities in the world.

For the tourists it can serve as one the top destinations where there are manifold miraculous places to visit. Here is brief look of the places that the tourists must visit in Tokyo.

Places that make Tokyo One of the Amazing Destinations

If you are trying to catch a clear view of Tokyo city, you should come to the Minato city. One of the top attractions at the Minato city is the NezuMuseum. It is one of the most famous art museums that gather the history of the Japanese as one of the most demanding assets in the world. The fantastic exhibits here hold an outstanding quality of architecture. Overall, the museum comprises wonderful surroundings with a stunning garden in the environs.

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden isone of the most beautiful places in Tokyo.It involves an entry fee of a very small amount - 200 Yen.Here you can ascertain a complete serenity that takes you far away from external anarchy. It is perfect if you are planning for an outing with your family and friends. Inside the garden you find a peaceful atmosphere that relieves you from the social burdens.

The Suntory Hall at Tokyo is the place where you can enjoy a wonderful evening. It is the most popular and one of the best concert halls in Tokyo. Various marvelous performances are organized here. Specially, if you are fond of classical you must visit Suntory Hall in Tokyo. An enriching and aural atmosphere subsists here that makes you full of pleasure and rapture. So, enjoy the wonderful evening with soothing musing out here.

Now, if you are looking for a great escape from the city,Yoyogi Park is the place where you can spend some nice time with a tranquil mind. You can enjoy here some finicky outdoor games such as basketball, volleyball or you can perform other activities with complete peace of mind. It is an excellent place where you can enjoy life in your way, on weekends.

Unlimited Desires

Tokyo turns out to be a location that carries places of unlimited desires. It presents so many things to do that the unlimited desires at Tokyo attains the situation that seems to be unending. It does not hold one single city. Tokyo is actually an assemblage of cities that have came up together.

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