If you love tourism, then a must visit place for you when in Algeria is Tipasa. This city has a very rich cultural heritage and has a lot of historical places and ancient ruins.

Tipasa was once a trading post in the Roman Empire, and ruins of the great Roman civilization still stand tall. Tipasa has a seaport near to it, where you can relax and enjoy the sea, or have a dip in the water. A lot of hotels and restaurants are also located near the beach. You can also catch your own fish for food if you want to, but for that you need to be extremely lucky and that requires a lot  of time and effort, but once you  get hold of one you really feel like a boss. Grilled fish is the specialty of the restaurants here and if you ever come to Tipasa do try this real scrumptious treat.

Once you are done with the delicious barbeque, leave your belongings at the port and hike to the top of the mountain located on the right side of the port. Do travel in groups and carry no expensive belongings with you. On the top of the mountain, there are coffins and graves of some unknown people. Though archeologists believe that these graves are from the Roman civilization but nothing is confirmed.

No guides are available in Tipasa and you are totally on your own once you park your car here. Tipasa is a land that is full of adventure and those of you who love to be a part of thrill will certainly enjoy. Tipasa has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Since there are no travel guides available so it would be good if you come with your homework done, and do thoroughly research about the area. The problem is that there are lots of spots that worth a visit in Tipasa, but these places are scattered all over making it really tricky for a single person to track down all these places and be able to reach them.

A lot of tombs are also located here; a famous one is that of Cleopatra II. It is located in the town, and a man with the white camel waits there for the tourists. Don't worry that man is not a murderer or a thief, he is there to facilitate movement for the tourists, and believe me it is a pleasant site to see while riding a camel.

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