Times Square-Experience the Blend of Cultures

Times Square

The Crossroads of the World; the famous Times Square is the place where an average of 400,000 people come to visit every day. This is simply a huge number and it signifies the majestic stature of this place. It means that each year more than 42 million people visit Times Square making it the ‘World’s Most Visited Place’. Times Square features one hundred years of old Broadway along with modern mega screens. Also, it is known as the Great White Way just because of the glittering white signs positioned here decades ago.

Times Square has a lot to offer to its visitors. While it is a perfect place of entertainment for the tourists, at the same time it is famous for its dynamism for the casual passersby. It always reminds us of something from the past for those who visit it frequently. People have high regards for the way Times Square continues to serve its visitors coming from all over the world.

One of the major aspects of Times Square is that you can stand and observe people passing by while capturing pictures from each and every possible angle. It allows you to observe and get familiar with the traits of different cultures and nations without getting bored for even a moment. Undoubtedly, this is the only place which attracts people from many different countries on daily basis. Times Square is a symbol of the unity of the whole world. While being here, you can never say that this is an all-American place, rather it looks like a global festival where people gather together to represent their nation’s culture and traditions.

This place is multidimensional, and to some people it appears to be the Devil’s Playground and to some others it seems to be Disneyland. Its appearance might change from one person to another but one thing always remains the same; that everybody loves being a part of this amazing spectacle. A symbol of human evolution, progress, future, glory of the present and peace in the world; Times Square inspires its visitors from every viewpoint. It signifies peace in a sense that at a single place you can see people from different cultures and continents passing by while doing their respective tasks peacefully.

Wherever you are in the world, if you want to travel the whole world you do not need to visit one country and then the next. Just come to Times Square and see the beautiful colors of globalization spread all around this fascinating place.

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