Three Best Safari Parks in USA

Safari Parks in USA

Safari parks are considered among the best outings and one day trip spots for families. Luckily the United States has a lot of safari parks and each has its own splendorous attractions. One is famous for its water splash, other for its elephant and camel rides, others allow you to hand feed giraffes, so it is very difficult to pick out one as the best. Below given are descriptions of some famous Safari parks located in different states.

Safari West Park located at one hour drive from California is one of the famous wild life safari parks of the US, spread over six hundred acres. This in itself is a small forest with over three hundred species, including lions and wilder beasts. Open air jeep ride with a coveted roof is the major attraction for the little ones and it is one hell of an adventure. Lions are roaming in front of you and sometimes even stuck their faces to the window to say Hello! Safari west jungle cruise ride is one of the best in the country as you can witness a large number of species. Along with animals and wild life, the park offers other things including delicious meals. Above all, a night in the tent with a family is a great experience in itself.

Fossil Rim Wildlife Centre is situated on the outskirts of Dallas; it is one hour drive from the city to this great place. It actually is a place for the endangered species and you can rent a tour guide, who would let you explore a nine mile long track. The Park is full of different species and the best thing about the park attracting children is that they can hand feed different animals found on the way to the park along with the mighty giraffes. Other attractions of the park include a nighttime murder tour and camel back ride.

San Diego Wildlife Safari Park is also located in California. It is one of the biggest parks in the country. Spread over seven kilometer square, this park truly deserves to be called a forest with over three hundred wild species. Best feature of this park is that it not only has animal species but also is a home to plant species, which is a very rare thing to find. This amazing park has a lot of exhibits and attractions such as hidden jungle, lion camp, tiger trail, and gorilla forest. Hidden Jungle is an indoor exhibit with climate control feature. The hidden jungle is home to African insects and birds. Lion camp as clear from the name is an exhibit of lions. The thing that distinguishes this lion camp from other safari parks is the atmosphere. Here the lions are kept in the natural atmosphere with rocks and trees and this provides these ferocious beasts a feeling of its original habitat. Tiger trail is the recently opened attraction, which is a path way on both sides of which tigers keep staring at you.

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