Thousand Islands

Thousand Islands

The Garden of the Great Spirit an epithet for the Thousand Islands has been exceptionally well coined by the native people. A place where the United States meets Canada; a place where the two cultures blend not just together but with mother nature in such a way that just a single encounter can make you believe you are in heaven’s own garden! The archipelago straddles the Saint Lawrence River and the Great Lake Ontario on the border of Canada and US, covering more than 80 kilometers of viewer’s paradise.

Though in total, number of Islands is far more than 1000, approximately 1864 islands are now counted as part of the Thousand Islands. The criteria for counting a piece of land as one of the islands are pretty easy, any place above sea level around the year, having at least one square foot of land and at least one tree is termed as an island. This means variety of things for the tourists, for the explorers, it opens up opportunities to travel around hundreds of tiny islands ranging from single residence pieces of land to uninhabited, undiscovered patches that are a home only to the wildlings. But that is not all, more stabilized and populated islands have resorts with sightseeing trips that you might never experience again. With numerous boating and fishing locations as well as vacationing spots that serve as exuberant retreats; the area has something to offer to everyone.

Since some of the islands fall under the jurisdiction of Canadian province Ontario and the others fall under New York State, tourists have a choice of routes. You can get there easily through air services from New York or Ontario with some airports offering a daily service, the place is not hard to reach –or leave.

No matter what route you take, once you are there, you get plenty of decisions to make! One has to decide between the hundreds of spots that the place is famous for, if you have planned the visit with an ample amount of holidays, you have made your lives easier! Thousand Islands houses quite a few notable Islands among the 1800+ locations. One of the prominent islands is the Deer Island, a 0.2 square kilometer piece of privately owned land held by a secret society that calls itself Skull and Bones.

The island houses indigenous trees that give the area a lush green look while the overgrown greenery makes it look abandoned and adventurous at the same time –perfect location for a day’s tour with a slice of adventure among the ruins hidden inside the forest. Moving on, a pair of Islands jointly called the Zavikon Island takes up a lot of the popular talk; mostly due to a misleading tale associated with it claiming that even though the two islands are barely separate, one of them belongs to US while the other belongs to Canada.

According to more reliable sources, the islands should be regarded more due to their historic value as some suggest that they used to act as an official border crossing between the two countries. Though the twin islands are small in size, they do provide a seclusion that many would adore. Lastly, the only artificial island in the region; the Longue Vue Island should not be overlooked, with the classy house on top and a small boathouse, it gives a soothing sight. But that’s not all; ghost stories about the island’s previous owners play a vital role in leading tourists towards the spot!

For an excellent fishing and boating experience, we would suggest that you visit some of the famous spots housed by the Thousand Islands. Potter’s Beach on the American Grindstone Island gives you a perfect shallow sandy boating space that keeps it safe and fun at the same time –add to that the sunset at the beach and voila! You have your perfect evening. For those who swim for passion, the Lake of the Isles would be a touch of bliss; secluded from the mainstream river by other islands, this Lake gives you the perfect private place for swimming and anchoring –not that you will get the privacy easily due to the recent hike in popularity for the place. Whether you are in love with fishing or just fond with the water life of men; you wouldn’t want to go back home without visiting the Eel Bay or the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton.

I hope it is not injustice to keep my personal favorite till the end; the Boldt Castle constructed in the early 1900s on the Heart Island of New York is, as termed by some a testament of one man’s love for his wife. The idea of its actual owners was to build one of the largest private residencies in America; whether they were successful or not, the definitely achieved an astonishing repute. Being a testament of love is because once the construction was underway, the owner’s wife passed away and the construction was ceased immediately, leaving everything of that gloriously epic residency at the mercy of Mother Nature for a whole 73 years –something that was claimed by the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority who repaired it and opened it for tourists.

It is a once in a life time experience, the friendly atmosphere with an air of freshness and the slow paced environment are more than welcoming for vacationers who want to get out of the everyday hustle –an opportunity not worth missing!

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