Thimphu - Bhutan - A Spot for a Spiritual and Physical Vacation


Thimphu is the largest city of Bhutan and attracts the largest number of tourists. Bhutan is known for its monasteries and the beautiful mountain ranges, and Thimphu has both of these aspects and more. Buddhism is prevalent in Bhutan and the evidence of that can be seen in some of the most elegant buildings in the area.

Buddha Dordenma - Gigantic Buddha Statue

A huge and magnificent piece of art, the Buddha Dordenma is a statue of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. It is built of bronze and has been gilded with gold. The structure is four storeys tall and inside it are more statues. It is a work under construction but it is open for tourists. It rests atop a hill and cannot be missed because it’s really massive.

Tashiccho Dzong

A government building with centuries’ worth of history, Tashiccho Dzong has four towers on four corners. It's more of a fortress than a regular building. The king also conducts his business at this place. It's huge and is an example of the amazing heritage of the country. There is a flag lowering ceremony each evening at 6 pm with an impressive parade of guards. The building stores some beautiful paintings.

Dochula Pass – A Mind Boggling Place

This is located at an altitude of 3,000 m with breath-taking views of the Himalayas. A visit to the capital is incomplete without visiting the pass. The view is what is unforgettable; there is always something about places like this that gives them a place in our hearts and the thing about Dochula Pass is the views it offers. Tourists love to stop at this place and absorb as much as they can.

Another charming aspect of the pass is the 108 Chortens. These 108 Chortens are actually memorials built in the memory of the members of the royal family. They represent one of the most ancient and important parts of Bhutan: the monarchy. These chortens or memorials along with the views the mountains offer make the Dochula Pass an essential place to visit when in Thimphu.

The Local Post Office

The local post office is worth a visit because they have a huge collection of all kinds of stamps for sale. Not only that, but you can get your own photo posted onto a stamp and it will be valid for postage purposes. The stamps are available for a small monetary fee.

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