The White House- Home of United States of America

The White House

The White House is the place where the current President of the United States lives. George Washington, the first president, himself chose the place for building the White House. All the presidents that came after him have lived for the most, or some, part of their government term in one of the most famous houses of the world.

The name ‘White House’ was given by President Theodore Roosevelt and before then it was known by different names such as ‘President’s house’. There are 132 rooms in this magnificent house. It has been renovated a couple of times by different presidents.

Tours to the White House by the Public

Most places, especially where high officials gather, are closed off to the public for security reasons but not the White House. Even though the president himself lives there, parts of the building are open to regular people to visit and understand the history of this nation. The gardens and the kitchen can be visited by public.

There are public tours of the White House which are very informative and interesting. You can take a tour with a group of people while a guide will help you with all the places and the names. You can get to view the history if you visit. And not only does the history make the idea appealing but also the fact that the place is beautiful inside. Although it has not been renovated much, it is in constant maintenance.

It is the place where all the ‘stuff’ happens. It is the place which diminishes all other places not just because of its grandeur and majestic design (though that could be a factor) but because of what happens inside, behind closed doors.

Visiting the White House will be like going into a time machine and seeing all the great things accomplished by the presidents. Since time travel is impossible, visiting it is the next best thing. This remarkable place has seen many lives and been under the rule of many leaders, but while all of them are gone, it still remains standing which is quite a humbling thought. This is why it is also called the ‘People’s house’ because the president remains as long as the people are content. President Barrack Obama is trying to make the White House more accessible to the public because it is the people house.

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