The stunning city of Hague


Holland as a region is blessed with a number of interesting places, among which is the stunning city of Hague. It is not only the government city but is home to a number of historic districts and monuments. It has also been dubbed as he ‘Royal City by the Sea’ having a number of members of the Dutch Royal family residing in the area.

In terms of places to be, there is a large network of restaurants, coffee houses, eateries and night clubs that are located around the Plein and Grote market squares. The shopping activities to the area are diverse and cater to different pocket ranges from the luxury items to specialty shops and international top brands.

The region is blessed with a wide variety of culture, amazing architecture as can be seen from historical buildings, palaces, squares and parks and a number of fun places to visit.

Places to explore while in Hague

There are a number of places to explore while in Hague, some of which include:


There are a number of museums in Hague, some of which include:

  • Panorama Mesdag, which is one of the largest panoramas in the world, it offers visitors a chance to travel back intime to 1880 and view life as it was then, with fishing ships being pulled to the beach, people basking under the sun and a military practice taking place. It lets you experience space and time in a special way with the spectacular illusion that touches on reality!

  • Gemeente museum Den Haag which is home to the world’s biggest Mondian collection in addition to an excellent collection of modern art.

  • Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis, which a breathtaking collection of art from the old masters of the 17th and 18th century.

  • Het Binnenhof which provides for a very rich history in being the center of politics in the Netherlands

  • Museon which is a popularscience museum that incorporates the belief that you will learn faster if you practiced and provides for a fun educational experience.

Water attractions:

Water sport facilities, beaches, beach clubs can be found at Scheveningen

Madurodam which is an interactive miniature park

The Hague Market which sells just about anything you can think of and is the biggest market in Europe.

Picturesque squares which provide for an enjoyable and relaxing experience while in Hague.

Amusement Park Duinrell which is home to a number of sensational roller coasters and the best swimming pool in Europe.

Duindigt Race Track which is the oldest race track in Holland and offers visitors an exciting day at the race tracks.

The Ooievaart which lets you explore Hague on water with the canal boat trip

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