The Museum of Flight - One of the Best Aviation Museums You Will Ever Visit

The Museum of Flight

The Museum of Flight was established fifty years ago at the King County International Airport in Tukwila city, south of Seattle, Washington. The Museum is the best visiting spot for aircraft and airplane lovers who are fond of historic air carriers. This unique museum has around half a million visitors every year including children. It also has the Learning Centers for Students where summer camps and various courses are conducted inviting thousands of students from across the state of Washington. The Learning Centers include the Aviation Learning Center, the Challenger Learning Center and separate premises for Summer Camping for kids where parents throughout the state seek admission for their kids.

The number of aircrafts is about 150 that are exhibited in the Museum. All of them have their own significant detail which will surely pique your interest. Outside the edifice where these aircrafts are displayed, on the grounds of the Museum, there is a separate area known as PCW, which stands for Personal Courage Wing. This is the most exciting part of the Flight Museum as it exhibits 28 special aircrafts. These aircrafts are the ones which were used during the first and second World Wars by Japan, Russia and Germany. This number also includes the airplanes used for fighting during the wars by several other countries.

Building No. 105 is another historic attraction in the Flight Museum where the ancient structures of the wooden aircrafts are displayed. It adds to the knowledge of the visitors how the aviation history of the world developed through 1950s.

Another interesting feature of the museum is its restoration facility where about 39 projects are ongoing for restoring various flyable and non-flyable aircrafts.

The Flight Museum is basically a non-profit organization. Besides the aforementioned recreational facilities, the museum includes an aviation library that welcomes the general public. There are about 66,000 books in the collection of the library excluding periodicals ranging from 100. The Museum's airpark also carries sundry aircrafts on display. To the north of the airpark is Raisbeck Aviation High School which is operated with a focus on the studies related to aviation.

For upgrading the Museum Park to the next level, the management is planning on covering it with a roof as the exposed aircrafts need shelter from extreme weather conditions. There's also a space gallery recently built where millions of photos and other manuscript material related to space is displayed.

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