The Jade Factory-the Largest Carving Center in Beijing

The Jade Factory

Everyone knows about the beauty and preciousness of high quality jewelry, unfortunately, not all individuals can buy those articles. There are a lot of types of gemstones. Some are more expensive than others. The most valuable gemstones around the world are called jade. This uniquely beautiful material is located at very special places in the regions worldwide. Jade is mostly found in Asia, but it can also be extracted from the American continent.

Asian people have built astonishing and mystique pieces of art using jade. The most wonderful jade pieces are found at The Jade Factory located in Beijing, China. Indeed, it is the largest carving centre citywide. In that place, majestic pieces of art are carved by artists that seek perfection. Prices may seem very high, but you must remember that all merchandise is handmade.

The Jade Factory is a place that attracts tourists from the entire world who wish to buy a jade piece of art. Perhaps, your budget might not allow you to buy a gorgeous happiness ball made of jade, but there is no problem because you can admire the pieces shown in the exposition. You will not believe your eyes because the finest jade pieces that are carved by the most exceptional sculptors are located at The Jade Factory.

Maybe, you do not only wish to take those jade pieces in your mind. Perhaps, your goal is to buy a jade piece and to take it home. If that is your choice, you can buy one of the splendid pieces shown here. Although the prices are pretty high, but still buying one of those finely carved pieces of art is a wise decision. You can keep them in your drawing room because they are luxurious articles that stand out the beauty of any cozy home. Maybe, you do not want to spend so much money on a single piece of art. Another option is to buy cheaper jade jewelry like bracelets that are sold at The Jade Factory. The prices of those jewels are much more accessible than the ones of the pieces exposed in that carving center. Remember that there are two types of jade. One is called Jadeite, and it refers to the high quality jades. The objects shown at The Jade Factory’s exposition are made from that fine type of jade. The other one is called Nephrite. Even though it is jade, the price is lower and so is its quality.

If you are planning to visit Beijing, you cannot miss this beautiful destination because the enchanting jade pieces will make you fall in love with them. You can also learn about the processes involved in the creation of those magnificent objects. There is a tour too where you can see people carving into the jade and transforming the raw gemstone into an unparalleled piece of art. Whether you plan to buy anything or not at The Jade Factory, you will have an exceptional moment of relaxation and contemplation.

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