The Henry Ford Museum Explore the Creativity of Automobile Genius

The Henry Ford Museum

Almost all of us know who Henry Ford was? A person who revolutionized the automobile industry and made possible that an average person in America could own a car. This genius entrepreneur lived a very energetic life which has been preserved by the Ford Company in the form of a museum. Greenfield Village is one of the favorite outings of American kids as they get to see a lot of historical artifacts here. Most famous are the cars in which President Kennedy was shot and the chair in which Abraham Lincoln took his last breaths.

Apart from these, there are cars which one can take for a spin, but you need to be careful as these are masterpieces and are not meant to be treated like ordinary cars. You need two to three days if you want to see all the attractions, so plan your schedule accordingly. You can easily and conveniently book and purchase your tickets online.

The best thing about this museum is that it is not limited to the history of the Ford Company. In fact it covers all the time periods, from the start to the latest edition of automobiles. For automobile lovers the museum place is truly a paradise as you get to learn a lot about cars and related material. The museum is a perfect family spot as you can visit the entire place for just $36 per person plus parking. So, if you are eager to spend quality time with your family; then take them to Greenfield Village; they will surely enjoy it immensely and will also end up learning a thing or two about the automobile history.

There are also many other attractions at Greenfield Village like the IMAX theater, where you enjoy the latest flicks of modern cinema. Other than that, there is a model of Henry Ford’s original Model T - built at Milwaukee Junction. This model is very interesting and tells us a lot about the farsightedness of this automobile genius. A lot of hotels and restaurants are also located in the surrounding area, which offers quality food at a reasonable price. In a nutshell, it can be safely said that this museum is for all age groups and no one gets bored here, as there is something for each and every person to admire or get absorbed in. If you want your children to be good at history then the Henry Ford Museum is where you must take them to develop their interest. When you walk through the museum you can actually feel that you are walking through different eras of the automobile history.

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