The Greatest Wax Museum of the World-Madam Tussauds Wax Museum

Madam Tussauds Wax Museum

Who was Marie Tussaud?

Marie Tussaud was formerly known as Marie Grosholtz. She was very much interested in becoming an artist and a sculptor. One of her mother’s employers helped her in making her initial wax figure in 1777 when she was just 16 years old.

When she was 24, she married and became Madam Tussaud. Her talent was recognized in France, but it was England where she became famous. Philippe Curtius, the employer of her mother, was her mentor. Initially she participated in various exhibition projects of doctor Philippe Curtius, but later she started making her own works immortalizing writers and philosophers.

In 1777, she immortalized Voltaire and in 1778, the rebellious Jean-Jacques Rousseau. She had also immortalized the faces of some of her friends who had died for the revolution. In the year 1794, she had inherited the figures of her mentor Philippe Curtius. And by the time it was 1802, Marie, accompanied by her eldest son exhibited her collection in London. She chose London to be her final destination where she would continue showing her masterpieces. She continued showcasing her marvelous work and her House of Horror is worth mentioning, where she presented various figures of the revolutionaries and their murderers.

The Museum:

After about more than thirty years after Marie Tussaud’s death, in 1884, the museum which was used for the display of her work, was moved to Maryylebone Road and it is still there. Then in 1926, unfortunately a fire started which taking most of Madam’s works away. Most of the wax figurines were melted and thus the Tussauds Group was created with the objective of renovating the museum.

Soon enough, it gained worldwide attention and tourists from far and wide came to London just to visit the museum. The Tussauds Group started opening up other museums in Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Las Vegas… etc and gradually it became a hugely successful multinational company.

Now these museums are considered excellent places to visit and meet some of your most favorite public figures. From Hollywood actors like Brad Pitt, Marilyn Monroe, to music icons like Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, the Beatles… etc they all have their waxed statues at Madam Tussaud’s. Even from the political arena, we have quite a few presidents and politicians immortalized like John F. Koennedy, Mahatma Gandhi etc

In London museum, there are more than 400 personalities which are exhibited in the Hall of Fame. Whenever any celebrity’s wax figure is put up in either of the Madam Tussaud’s Museums, He/she usually comes for inauguration. However, obviously, this cannot be said for those public figures who are no more alive.

It takes about two hours to tour the entire Madam Tussauds. A lot of people look out for their favorite celebrities to quickly get a picture of themselves taken with them. The statues of teenage heartthrobs like Zac Effron and Daniel Radcliffe are often surrounded by their adoring fans, waiting eagerly to get photographed with them.

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