The Empire State Building

The Empire State Building

Man always felt the need to hold his head high in the sky, ever since the very beginning of mankind. One can find several examples of architecture through which men tried to be nearer the sky-height. Most of these ancient architectures are just monuments or tombs created by the ancient kings or warriors as a mark of their achievements; none of those were habitable for human beings.

However, the point of view changes with time. It was the Chrysler building that changed everyone’s idea about a skyscraper. Empire State building followed the way.

The Empire State building stood as the head of the world for forty one years, since 1931 to 1972 till it was surpassed by the Twin towers in Manhattan, New York. The building is located in the 350 Fifth Avenue in New York City, United States. It took two years, from 1929 to 1931, to complete the construction of the 1250 Ft, 102 floored building.

The main credit goes to the designer W.F. Lamb for constructing the building so quickly in the mid of the twentieth century when the technology was not so advanced. It also upgraded the risk-factors which could have stood against the planning of such a massive creation. Another notable fact is that it was the time of the great depression when the building was created. However, as the proverb says, it tastes sweet if the end is sweet, the building finally stood as one of the highest point of glory for the United States.

This building was essentially created for offices, though in the mid of the great recession, there was hardly any office interested to shift its base in this building. However, according to the recent statistics, this building has over 1000 business houses in it where 21000 employees work each day. It is the second largest office complex after the Pentagon.

There is also a place for having a look of the city from the top. It is called the observation deck. This place shares some tragic history of suicides or accidental deaths. Since the date of its completion,  there were several suicides that took place in this building.

Every skyscraper bears the risk of getting hit by a plane. Present day skyscrapers have reached out of the limits, so it is quite possible that they may get hit by a plane anytime. Long before the infamous 9/11 incident, Empire State Building had suffered from a plane crash. A B-25 plane was crashed in between 79-80th floor of the building, causing fire and death of 14 people.

Let’s take a look at the architectural facts. The skyscraper, which we know as Empire State Building, is standing on a total area of 2768,591 sq Ft. It is said that the creators feared that such a tall building may collapse some day. However, it is the unique design of the building that is saving it from any such mishap.  It features an art-Deco design that was pretty common in pre-World War II buildings.

People usually do not prefer to know more about the details of skyscrapers, but when it is Empire State building, we know, everyone would take a look at the words. In fact, it earned the world’s attention not only for its height, but also for the fact that the Hollywood movie “King Kong” (1933) showed the giant ape is shouting out loud from the top of this building. Can somebody still turn his or her face when such an incident takes place?

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