The Corning Museum

The Corning Museum

The Corning Museum was founded in 1951 and started as nothing but a non-profit museum, made for a sole purpose which was to portray the beauty of glass. Over the years it has gone through number of renovations and growth, along with drastic change in the design of the museum. It also survived the 1972 flood and hurricane Agnes, which flooded the Museum. The Museum sustained a lot of damage to property, and glass fragments were found everywhere. The Museum overcame that tragedy and has become one of the biggest tourist attractions there is in the United States.

The Corning Museum houses over 35000 glass ornaments, it contains contemporary glass artworks made by lots of famous people such as Klaus Moje, Karen LaMonte, Dale Chihuly, Libenský / Brychtová and Josiah McElheny. This artistry or showpieces not only portray the beauty of glass that can be found in the west, but also in all over the world. The galleries explore Eastern, European, Asian and American glassware that are not only old and antique, but some quite modern and new. Not only are there continental variations, but the Corning Museum also represents glassware from every country and also every historical period where glassmaking was practiced.

The galleries in the Corning Museum include Glass in Nature, Origins of Glassmaking, Glass of the Romans, Glass in the Islamic World, Early Northern European Glass, The Rise of Venetian Glassmaking, Glass in 17th-19th Century Europe, 19th Century European Glass, Asian Glass, Glass in America, Corning: From Farm Town to “Crystal City,” Paperweights of the World and Modern Glass.

The Corning Museum also hosts a lot of different exhibitions which are mostly major exhibitions by particular artists, who talks about important glass history and a lot of sensitive topics regarding glass. On top of all of this, the Corning Museum also host a lot of demonstrations, Hot Glass Show, Optical Fiber Demo, Flame Working Demonstration and a lot more. The guests in the Corning Museum can see how glass is made directly in front of them. The show is not only held in the Museum itself, but also in three separate Celebrity Cruise Ships. This is a major tourist attraction the thing that makes Corning Glass Museum so famous. The Museum also demonstrates Optical Fiber which shows how such thin threads of glass carry enormous amount of information at high speed in the age of today.

After all of this, the Corning Museum is also responsible for a number of scientific techniques, through which you can examine historic glass artifacts and also study the history of glassmaking.

The Corning museum in modern times is one of the biggest tourist attractions. It is known not only for its massive collection of glass artifacts, but also its demonstrations and scientific researches, the thing that makes a trip to this museum both fun and educational.

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