Thanksgiving day special bus tours - Making thanksgiving day parade easier to navigate

Thanksgiving day parade

How many of us have switched on the television, seen the Thanksgiving Day Parade and resolved to go one day? Well, maybe it's time to turn that wishful thinking into actual action! The Thanksgiving Day Parade is one of New York's biggest events. About 3.5 million people turn up to watch the parade first hand. Around 8,000 people participate in the event ranging from kids to the elderly.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade lasts for only two hours but it takes months of preparation for perfection, which is why you should watch it personally at least once. It will instill a sense of patriotism in you and will also be an amazing start to the Christmas holiday season.

Wouldn't you rather go and watch the parade than making a dinner and inviting your family over? Just kidding! But if you do think that then bus tours are the best for visiting the parade.

Why take the bus?

You have a car and you would rather take it than book a tour on a bus. But you're going to regret having a car as soon as you get into the terrible traffic. It's better to take the bus because you don't have to drive it and you don't have to park it. All you have to do is show up. Oh, and pay for the tour of course!

The tours have an organized system. They pick up the travelers who have booked the tour at a specific place and pick them up again at a pre-determined destination later. These tour buses are cheaper than cars and - would you believe it! - Even cheaper than a train; this is a bonus.

Book a hotel

You still have a few months before Thanksgiving Day so there is plenty of time to book a hotel room. In reality, the hotels along the parade route are usually booked a year in advance so you need to book right away or you'll either have no place to go or inconvenience someone during the holidays.

Companies offering bus tours

There are many companies offering bus tours and the information can easily be found on the internet. Some universities affiliate with a bus transportation company to give it a stamp of reliability. A few of the companies offering Thanksgiving Day Parade tours are mentioned below:

  1. East Hartford Parks and Recreation

  2. West Hartford Life Learn

  3. Southington Parks and Recreation

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