Tennessee-A Typical But Not so Typical Southern State


Tennessee is a southern state that provides visitors with a typical southern destinations and a modern one. The cities in Tennessee lay a stress on country music and history; being the state where Elvis Presley lived I suppose it's only fair that it loves music. Of the many important cities, Nashville is the capital but all have something or other to offer to visitors.

Nashville-country music lovers' haven

Since Nashville is the capital city of Tennessee, let's talk about it first. Whether you're into art or you love museums or the opera or if you just love nature, then this is just the city for you. The Lane Museum is perfect for car lovers and is kind of unique. The Ryman auditorium is one of the best places you'll come across in this beautiful city; it has history on its sides and conducts shows of classical music. There are art places for art lovers, parks for nature lovers, libraries for the curious and just about everything.

Memphis-the city where Elvis lived

Yes, Graceland, the residence of music legend Elvis, is in the city of Memphis in the state of Tennessee. Even if you're not an Elvis fan you're still going to be impressed with this place. Belz Museum of Asian and Judaic art is the definition of a true gem; the Chinese and Judaic exhibitions are beautiful and interesting. Memphis Rock 'n' Soul Museum are a must-see for all music lovers. You're going to love this city and all it has to offer.


Museums, parks, natural beauty sites are what make this city worth visiting. If you already live here then you're lucky but if you're visiting then make sure you visit all the sites worth visiting and the space at the top of that list is occupied by Lookout Mountain. It's better if you go a little late in the day so as not to be bothered too much by the sun. It has amazing view and the fee is very low compared to the opportunity. Walnut Street Bridge is a pedestrian bridge which provides easy access to some of the city's important sites like Tennessee Aquarium and Coolidge Park. Raccoon Mountain Caverns are the perfect tourist places because other than the amazingly informative tour, they have a great staff which is friendly, knowledgeable and cares. It is one of the best cities to visit in Tennessee.

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