The Tahoe Rim Trail–A trail like no other

Tahoe Rim Trail

What is The Tahoe Rim Trail?

The Tahoe Rim Trail is one of the world’s premier trails. It passes through two states (California and Nevada), six counties, one state park, three National Forests, and three Wilderness areas. This spectacular trail is 165 miles of single-track multiuse trail, winding from peak to peak around Lake Tahoe. It is a trail that offers something for everyone!

What are the activities which visitors can enjoy there?

The Tahoe Rim is applicable for hiking and horse riding at any of its portions. Also mountain biking is allowed on the trail except for the Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park, wilderness areas, and on trail segments that overlap the Pacific Crest Trail.

The Tahoe Rim trail has something to offer for everyone and can satisfy all expectations, including exciting educational adventures for youth and teens. Whether it’s during the winter or the warm seasons, The Tahore Rim trail association offers hands- on, experiential learning opportunities designed to connect youth to the beauty and natural history of the Tahoe Basin. From summer Youth Backcountry Camps to year-round Trailside Education programs for scouts, schools and other youth groups, the TRTA offers something for all kids. These programs help youth to know more about the natural views of the trail also explore rare animals and plants there.

What is more, as we travel the trail, TRTA staff take participants back in time and into the future, people will reflect upon how the Tahoe Basin’s natural, human and cultural history have influenced the activities in the region over time, as well as consider what the future holds for the Tahoe Basin.

The excitement doesn’t end here, visitors also can enjoy the experience of camping in the trail, enjoying the wild, natural life, and get outdoors with their peers to discover the beauty of the Lake Tahoe region. These camps are designed for youth with little or no experience living, working and traveling in the back country, so that they could learn how to be courageous enough to do unexpected things, and how to survive when you feel it’s dangerous around.

Trail Maintenance: Clearing, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction

Each year the staffs, crew leaders and volunteers of the Trail Operations Program devote thousands of hours to trail maintenance, clearing downed trees, fixing signage and building new trail. They do a lot of effort to keep the trail safe for its users. Also there are special days for volunteers to help in the trail maintenance, where they have a great role, trying to keep the trail in top shape and usable condition.

Over time, wind, water, human use and other factors lead to the trail being blocked by downed trees, crowded by overgrown brush, or left narrowed and unstable due to erosion. But according to volunteers’ effort and time, they will help keep nature from reclaiming the trail. Moreover, the annual maintenance conducted by the Tahoe Rim trail association plays an essential role in improving the trail.

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