The Tahoe Rim Trail- A Serene yet thrilling experience

Tahoe Rim Trail

The Tahoe Rim Trail proves that the fruit of waiting is always sweet and worth the while. This trail was finally completed in September 2001. It covers the most glorious Lake Tahoe and passes all the way through the national Forest, other state parks and several wilderness areas. Seventy percent of the trail is burrowed amid Sierra Nevada Mountains along the border of Nevada and California. The lake covers a total area of 191 square mile, whereas the trail covers an area of 164 miles.

Most of the trail goes along the crested peaks providing the natural views at extreme finesse. Most of mountains around the lake are of granite rock, and is enriched with the most amazing trees including Cedar, Ponderosa Pine, White fur and the great Aspen. The mountains along the trail are filled with a vast range of flowers from wildflowers to mountain mule ears.

Light blue triangular marks have been put all along the trail so that the hikers are able to find their way, but mostly in winters the marks don’t last. You must be prepared for such a situation and take along compass as well as maps so that you are not completely lost on the trail. There are some areas that are completely designated for camping, but for other areas special camping permit is required due to different dangers in the mountains. One of the dangers is the bears in certain isolated areas. So it’s better to keep something for protection, and avoid the secluded chunks of Tahoe trail.

The trail is normally open for tourists around mid of June, it is the time when all the snow has been melted and it stays open till the end of October because after that the excess of snow can be extremely dangerous for the visitors. Mountain biking is allowed but only on half of the trail, however hiking can be done throughout the trail. The trail can be accessed from all the adjoining cities.

The most amazing experience out of visiting this trail is that you get to see the Tahoe basin in all its glory, and so many small lakes that are at higher elevation from Lake Tahoe. Acrophobic people must not go to the trail because at certain points you are as high as eleven thousand feet. But other adventurous souls would love every bit of this experience.

Long quite walks under the trees with quite surroundings, lying in meadows, enjoying the hiking or even bike rides, Camping with the late night fires and looking down at the lake at midnight, one of the most amazing experiences is seeing the reflection of moon in the Lake Tahoe.

People who truly want to have a serene yet thrilling experience must definitely visit this trail of Lake Tahoe.

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