Sydney Opera House was constructed between 1957 and 1973. It is a stunning success and a masterpiece of engineering and construction technology in Australia. It is a masterwork of modern architectural design. It demonstrates the hard work of its creative genius designer and the successful engineering by the architect Danish architect Jorn Utzon firm Ove Arup and partners and the Australian building contractors M R Hornibrook.

This Opera House took 16 years to build. It is situated right at the end of Bennelong point. There is a large staircase at the Sydney Opera house 100 meters wide and a plateau on the top. This was created because the designer was influenced by the Mayan architecture in Mexico.

The roof shells of the House are developed on the shape of sphere and this spherical surface led to similar curvature throughout. The roof shells accommodate the main hall and a smaller hall. It consists of a white ceramic tiled surface.

It was inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth II on 20th October 1973. This House conducts 3000 events each year and it includes 1000 rooms. Each year it provides guided tour to 200,000 people and has an annual audience of 2 million for its performance.


Sydney Harbour Bridge is the world’s largest steel arch bridge and Australia’s most well known landmark. It was inaugurated in March 1932. It has an interesting past including its official opening. 800 families were living in the path of the bridge. When the construction of the bridge started, their homes were demolished without any notice while 16 workers’ lives were lost during the construction of the bridge.

In 1998 Bridge climb was started and it attracted many tourists’ attention to climb the bridge. The view from up there is beautiful and overwhelming. There is a Pylon lookout at the southern eastern end of the bridge and visitors are allowed to see the exhibition about the bridge. After the inauguration of the bridge, it was to cost a horse and a rider three pence, and a car six pence to cross. But now cars cost about $3.30 to cross or you can even take a bicycle in a special lane and visit the bridge for free. The average annual traffic is 160,000 vehicles per day.

There is another interesting thing. The Tyne Bridge in England is a smaller version of Harbour Bridge. There is a controversy between the two bridges as to which one is a model for the other. Though Tyne Bridge was opened in 1928 while Harbour Bridge was opened in 1932, but the contract for Harbour Bridge was signed in 1924, and the designs for this Bridge were put forward before this date by Dr. J C Bradfield, and Tyne Bridge’s contract was signed later this year. Harbour Bridger’s longest span is of 503 meters.

Sydney Opera house and Harbour Bridge are the two landmarks of Australia that divert the attention of the people from all around the world. These two masterpieces are the result of hard work of genius architects, constructors and designers.

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