St. Lawrence River and a short trip by the Millionaire’s Row

St.Lawrence River

When a beautiful river is combined with a lovely view you get millionaire’s row on the Saint Lawrence River. The river is located at the uppermost part of eastern United States. The region in between northern United States and south Ontario is called the 1000 Islands Region. The name goes well with what it describes: 1864 islands spread on the river. Ranging from quite large to really small islets, the area has been inhabited by people with enough money to own private islands.

The Saint Lawrence River flows from Lake Ontario to the Atlantic Ocean. The first explorer to sail the river is said to be Jacques Cartier. Chief Donnacona, an Iroquois chief, accompanied the Frenchman along the river. In fact, the name of the river was given by Cartier, who reached the estuary of the river on St. Lawrence’s Day. Since its location is strategically favorable, the territory along the river was fought over by the French and the English during the Seven Years’ War. The river’s enchanting nature has captivated artists throughout the ages, and lately authors as well as musicians.

The waterbeds of the river are full of life. Trees are home to small animals and forests to larger animals such as elks. The waterways are also full of liveliness. The 1900 kilometers of waters own magnificent views leave a mesmerizing impact on the viewers’ senses. Either sailing with a small kayak or on a ferry, the river will show its enchantment; both seabirds and whales are part of it.

The islands themselves are an attraction. Initially home to sailors and farmers, some of them have become touristic locations today. Some of the islands have become grounds for castles owned by well-off people. Others are famous for their lovely beaches and powdery sands. The biggest islands in the 1000 Islands Region is called Wolfe Island and its population is about 1,400 people. In the islands there are two golf courses, great restaurants, shops, and other services as well.

Moving away from urban areas we reach the Millionaire’s Row of Saint Lawrence River. In the area of the row,  there are famous buildings such as Boldt Castle. In fact, Boldt Castle is one of America’s largest private homes. The castle is open to the public and it may be explored by visitors. Near Heart Island is Wellesley Island. George C. Boldt Yacht House stands on the northeast shores of the island. Built 1903 and named historic place 1978, this yacht house is one of the region’s most famous places. Other famous places are the Clayton hotel, the Antique Boat Museum, and Deer Island.

The 1000 Islands Region, which gave the name to the famous salad dressing, will leave a mark on anyone’s memory. The lovers of nature will get dazzled by the landscapes and the ones interested in looking at staggering buildings will definitively enjoy the experience.

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