Splendors of Salt Lake City Utah

Salt Lake City

Facts & History

Salt Lake is the capital the state of Utah. It is one of the only two major urban areas in the Great Basin and being the largest in the Inter mountain West. The city is home to the headquarters of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The city was originally founded by the Brigham Young, George Washington Bradley, Isaac Morley and several other Mormon followers. The city also hosted the Olympics for the year 2002 and is famous for outdoor recreation activities like skiing.

Streetcars Returns

Recently, the streetcars as a mode of transport are being introduced to the Salt Lake City. It is one of the best, eco-friendly transit options for residents and visitors. The initial phase is just being completed and open for the public recently, however, for further expansion and connectivity between Salt Lake City and South Salt Lake the talks are still going on. It is expected that the daily ridership will be approximately 3,000, and by the year 2030 it will increase by 4,000 more.

Salt Lake City Amenities

The Salt Lake City is an award-winning project that is eco-friendly, reducing pollution, help conserve resources, ensure healthy life, and make the climate suitable for living. Salt Lake City is aggressively working to reduce the amount of air pollution and put in processes and programs in places which will help conserve electricity & natural gas. There is a responsible waste management process in place which covers reduction of waste, recycling of goods, reuse of waste materials & buying products made from recycled content.

To make the city greener, steps like a robust car share program and more than 150 miles of bike & pedestrian ways have been setup. Walkable neighborhood & commercial areas promote energy savings, better health, improved air quality & connected communities. Alternative fuel options like CNG (compressed natural gas) and electric are in town.

Open Spaces, Parks & Public Lands are being built to make the city beautiful and clean. Urban Forestry is a responsive, breathing, living entity that contributes to Salt Lake City’ beautiful environment.

Seasonal Events

  • Ski Utah: It is one of the most famous events which happen during the winters. People normally come around here during December and have a wonderful time. Lodging facilities are also available for families who want to stay and extend their fun.

  • People’s Market: As the names suggest this is a market for people and entrepreneurs. It gives an opportunity to the upcoming entrepreneurs to start and sign-up as a vendor at a minimal cost as low as $1. It gives an opportunity to young girls & boys to sell whatever products they can make or grow. The market gets huge response every year and is increasing year by year.

  • Utah Arts Festival: There is an arts festival organized almost every year. The main highlight of the festival is the Masquerade Party which has casino games, delicious cuisines and many more stuff for enjoyment.

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