South Rim of Grand Canyon

South Rim

The magic of the Grand Canyon is unleashed after people come from their comfortable and detailed South Rim Helicopter Tours. The Ra tower which is at an altitude of about 6075 feet which was named in the early eighteenth century comes into view. It was named after the Egyptian auspicious deity, the sun god. Similarly, many other wonder formations of the rocks resembling the monasteries and shrines of the east are wonders to watch out.

Just after the aerial sightseeing, there will be a fresh appreciated outlook about the Grand Canyon magic. This part of the world is internationally famous tourist spot, which obtained the status of a national park in the year 1919.  Since then, the number of visitors to the place eventually increased year after year and now it is about five million per year. It is because of the amazing enthrallment into the 30 mts aerial tour right up above the valley.

All those tourists get the chance to roam about the south rim, to hike or even to ride in a mule all the way down to the foothills. Enjoying the natural splendor and the exotic beauty of the place from such pinnacle heights is quite stunning. Complete satisfaction is guaranteed as you get the chance to view from top to bottom.

Countless thrilling activities coupled with the wonderful arresting views of the Grand Canyon makes it be renowned as one of wonders of the world. There is a village just located in the southern rim. It is about eighty miles to the northwestern region of flagstaff, which comes under Arizona.

The entrance fee varies with individuals depending upon the type of pass that they do hold with them. It is better to inquire over the phone before arrival to be precise about the various expenditure involved altogether, when intending to visit in groups. Normally people do visit in big groups to enjoy the occasion with great fun and interaction.

The southern rim of the national park is open all round the clock and all throughout the year. On the contrary, the northern rim is closed from October until mid June the next year as a routine. It is because of the amount of snow that occupies the northern rim hindering the tourists to go on aerial tours. Mist formation hinders free movement and visibility will be very poor all around the region.

When you view from the flight the southern rim as well as the northern rim of the Grand Canyon, both are complete perfection. The magnificent panorama could be experienced and felt practically in reality during the flight. State of the art aircrafts operate in the region, which are well equipped, inspected and checked for the safety of the tourists.

Experts Narration and detailed description about the regions being visited are very interesting during the South Rim Helicopter Tours. One can view completely and clearly from the specially equipped windows of the flight. Unobstructed scenic beauty and the comfortably packaged excursion are simply tourist delights. The dragon corridor is the most impressive location to be explored with all thrills during the aerial tour.

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