South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park

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South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park is one of the most awesome natural phenomenon, not just in the United States of America, but in the whole world.  This massive rock constitution along with a gorge of Colorado River along the park gives an astounding visual to the people visiting this place.

No wonder that this wonder has been marked as the one of the heritage sites of the world.   Ted Roosevelt, the famous American president has felt the natural epitome of this place and was instrumental in declaring Grand Canyon as a national park.

South Rim

The park has two regions called rims, namely North Rim and the South Rim.  The South Rim has better accessibility compared to the north rim that is far-flung or remote.  South Rim is the ideal gateway for visitors to view the park.  All the required facilities like fuel, food, shelter and other amenities for the tourists are available here in the south rim.  Due to the availability of resources and the accessibility, south rim witnesses huge number of visitors.

Astounding features of South Rim

South rim has the highest elevation of over 7000 ft above the sea level.  The primary wonder of the Grand Canyon is its depth which digs as deeper as 1.6 (nearly one mile deep) kilo metres below the land surface.  This is the trait of Grand Canyon that makes it the most incredible rock structure in the world.

South rim observes massive visitor strength of over 5 million people a year.  This part of the park is open all year long.  The major attractions along the south rim are Desert View, the famous Grand Canyon Village, The Hermits rest and numerous viewpoints all along the road which gives a panoramic view of this marvel.

The accessibility of the South rim is such that the tourists can explore a considerable depth of the Grand Canyon by roads in the South Rim.  Apart from its beauty and depth, the views of sun rise and sun set in any part of the park looks spectacular.  The reflection of the sun rays on the rocks of the park creates a natural aura with breath-taking shades in the south rim which is the reason of its familiarity.

How to reach the South rim of Grand Canyon

By the road:

The South rim is easily accessible and serves as a perfect entrance for the Grand Canyon.  South Rim can be reached by the Arizona State highway 64.  This highway 64 is also known as the ‘Desert View’ by the tourists. It can be reached through a place called Tusayan in Arizona, this is also called as the East entrance to the park.

There is a north entrance which connects through the US route 89 along Utah, of Colorado.  This route also connects the north rim and the south rim together.

By Air:

There are many commercial airliners that offer services to nearby cities like Phoenix, Las Vegas.  The Grand Canyon Airport has restricted airlines services.


Grand Canyon is such a large place and hence one day is not enough to get its full might into your minds.  So a lot of accommodation options are available all around south rim for staying.  So enter the Canyon and feel its depth and let it sink deeper in your heart.

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