Some of the World’s riskiest roads

Rohtang Pass India

The road less traveled is often the most interesting road as you will be having certain level of challenges and enthusiasm on that road. Some of the people find difficult to travel on roads which are in the coldest regions, which have tunnels and the other category is that the roads which are dangerous and risky. On risky roads the type of risks involved are terrifying drop-offs, unpredictable mudslides and a complete lack of concrete paving. Let’s have a look at some of the riskiest roads:

  • National Road 5, Madagascar: It is the road which runs from north-south between the towns of Maroantsetra and Soanierana-Ivongo on the African region of the country. It is often said that if you travelling on this road you need to have driver and a mechanic both. It is one of the worst roads of the world as you will be experiencing sections of sand, solid rock and even worn-down bridges that drivers must inspect before crossing them as they can fall. The 200 km road takes around 24 hours to drive. It becomes horrible especially during the rainy season and it is almost impossible to travel.

  • Rohtang Pass, India: It is road in the eastern of Himalayas. Each season, road crew members use GPS to find the road and dig it out again. In 2010 it left around 300 tourist stranded. The pass remains open from May to November. For a safer option a tunnel is in construction. Rohtang is a place in KuluManali and is frequently visited by tourists.

  • Eyre Highway, Australia: It might give one’s feeling that this road is really bore, however when travelling on this route it becomes interesting when the wildlife animals jumps on to the highway and can damage your car. The most dangerous time on this highway is which runs between the towns of Norseman and Ceduna and when its dawn or dusk when most of the wildlife animals try to cross the road.

  • Kolyma Highway, Siberia: Locals know this highway as “The Route” because in the frozen region of eastern Serbia this is only main road. The temperature on this road is recorded as low as -70 degrees as Kolyma is located in the world’s coldest inhabited area. The road is also named as “the road of bones” thousands of laborers were shot dead for not working hard enough and others died due to coldest temperature. The 2,013 km route is still known as the “world’s coldest road” as the snow falls even in July and August.

  • Guoliang Tunnel, China: For many years, the tiny cliff top village of Guoliang, located in the Taihang Mountains of eastern China, was reachable only by climbing the mountain on foot. After the government refused to build a road, the villagers took this really seriously and made the road on their own using explosives. Some of the people died in the process. Dangerous to build, the travelling on the route is also dangerous to drive.

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