Soho is located in the City of Westminster which is a borough in Greater London. It is quite a popular area with history that dates back to hundreds of years and which has added to the mystery of the place. It is the perfect place for tourists because it provides you with non-stop entertainment, great food and constant activity. You will soon come to grow into the incessant hustle and bustle; this is the place where you will find entertainment night and day.

Soho’s History

It has a rich and abundant history though not a very grand one. Soho has gone from being an agricultural area to a royal park, and then to a developing area after two hundred years. It became London’s French Quarter because of the increase in the number of French; that was in the 17th century.  It was originally built for the rich and the fashionable so it was built accordingly, but that did not happen so it became a home mainly for prostitutes. It became a place for the unsuccessful to come, get drunk and lament on their unfortunate circumstances.

Don’t worry it is not a major part of the sex industry anymore. It has gone through such a dynamic change. It has now everything from comfortable accommodations to the best restaurants.

The History of the Pump

If you visit Soho then you have to visit the Broad Street pump which is historically and medically important. When Soho was plagued with Cholera, Dr. John Snow determined the reason for the spread to be the pump which was removed and was found to be mixed with sewage water. To commemorate the discovery a fake pump was installed there with the handle missing.

Soho-a place with a variety of entertainment

Soho is one of those places which have everything, even though it is small. You can get the best and most expensive hotels there, and you can find the cheapest accommodation. Average priced rooms are also available. You will find here over-priced but highly tasty food, you will also find burger and fries like anywhere else. Hence, restaurants, burger places and street vendors, all are available. Some part of the 20th century shops with prostitutes still exist.

If you are searching for a place to have fun or somewhere to go on the weekend to get away from work or studies, then Soho is the place for you because it has everything you require for entertainment and hence the best place to have fun. If you are bored with life or have a Thanksgiving that you have to spend alone, then go from London to Soho and you will be at one of the best places. If you have come from a foreign country on business or for vacations then visiting this place is a must for everyone. It is fun, it has food, it has movies, what more could one ask for?

You will probably want to explore more of Soho, and transportion there will help you achieve your aim. Covering a small area of approximately one square mile, it makes it easy for any person to move around without experiencing challenges. If you want to leisurely walk or have a vehicle to take you around, it is merely your choice.

There are four main roads connecting the city and it is good to understand that for convenience purposes. You don’t want to learn very late that the direction you have taken will not lead you into the right destination. To avoid that, make sure you have put in the initiative to know all the roads and their network around Soho City. Leicester Square, Oxford Street, Regent Street and Charing Cross Road are the main streets that make up Soho’s road network.

You will come across several tube stations where it is strategic to grab an underground tube to your preferred destination. Some of the commonly used stations include Oxford Circus, Piccadilly Circus, Tottenham Court Road, Leicester Square and Covent Garden. With this extensive transport network, you will easily tour the whole of Soho City as well as surrounding areas like Covent Garden, Chinatown and Mayfair.

When choosing the right transport option to use, put into consideration factors like easy accessibility to the place you are visiting and overall cost. In any case, none of these will frustrate you but that does not mean you hawk your keenness for nothing. As is the norm when it comes to travelling, make sure your arrangements are done well in advance considering that Soho is usually a busy city. That will cushion you from any inconveniences that might arise.

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