The Skyscrapers of Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Tall buildings and structures always seem a little bit daunting and when it comes to giant buildings and structures, skyscrapers cannot be ignored. They are often viewed as a symbol of pride, power and prosperity for the city. The first skyscraper was in Chicago (Home Insurance Building). Then the world saw more and more skyscrapers being built and getting insanely famous, like the Burj, Dubai.

Skyscrapers continue to amaze all those spectators who look at them and the fascination of people with these tall buildings seems to never end. More and more architects have hopes of coming up with even taller structures.

Though, skyscrapers were considered to be extremely impressive in the past, now they are considered an exception only when they are extremely tall or have a brilliant design. People are still fascinated by them, for sure, when they have something outstanding about them. Hong Kong is considered to be the place with the most skyscrapers in the world. Other cities like New York, Chicago, Tokyo, Toronto etc closely follow behind.

Tall and Brilliant: Hong Kong’s Skyscrapers: 

If you are in Hong Kong or are about to visit it, then there are a few buildings which you must see. The Two IFC Tower which holds the rank of being Hong Kong’s tallest skyscraper is definitely one of those fascinating buildings. A 415 m, this obelisk-shaped mega tower is the most striking feature of Hong Kong’s skyline. Then, there is another skyscraper known as The Center, which is the only skyscraper in the city which is entirely steel structured. Rising to 346m, The Center is decked with neon-lights, comprising of almost 10,000 neon tubes in different colors. Thanks to these neon lights, the building turns into a Symphony of Lights show. It looks absolutely beautiful.

If you want to see a good example of Hong Kong’s modern architecture, then visit the HSBC Hong Kong headquarters. It is also known as the HSBC building. The building has been built keeping in mind the famous and traditional Feng Shui philosophy. When it was completed in the year, 1985, it had the record of being the most expensive building in the world.

Very close to the HSBC Building is another famous skyscraper, the BOC Tower. The Bank of China Tower can be seen from almost every point around Victoria Harbor and the city itself. The BOC Tower breaks the USA’s record of skyscrapers which crossed the 1,000 ft mark.  Before the BOC, only USA had skyscrapers which crossed the 1,000 ft mark.

Hong Kong is a beautiful city there is no doubt about that. But there are cities which are known for their amazing skylines as New York, Las Vegas, Hong Kong and countless others. The tall, glittering buildings seem ever so glorious, set against the evening sky. Whether you look at these buildings from a far away spot, or from down below while you are walking in the streets, they continue to be mesmerizing.

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