Skylon tower – the Niagara Falls

Skylon tower

Humans have really done well in the field of engineering and architecture and shown some extra ordinary hard work by creating huge skyscrapers and amazing infrastructure in the world. One of the super creations of technology and human resource is the building on the very beautiful location of the Niagara Falls known to the world as the Skylon tower.

World famous Skylon tower in the Niagara Falls Canada it provides dinning, shopping, recreation and entertainment all in one go with never ending exciting packages coming your way. It comprises indoor and outdoor observation deck a place of great attraction that glides smoothly on the top of the glass enclosed exterior of the building where one can witness natural beauty and eye-catching moments that can be captured in memories for the entire life. Not only will you get a view of the Niagara Falls but also enjoy the view of Niagara wine district, city skylines of buffalo, New York and Toronto.

The Skylon tower consists of world famous revolving dining rooms with two levels of dining facilities both 775 feet above the mighty Niagara Falls. The revolving dining room has attractive features as it revolves 360 degree in an hour. It has the best food and ambiance with all types of cuisines and famous continental food. It also has a family affordable Summits Suite Buffet restaurant with best value and early dinner specials. It’s a great place to eat and relax with an absolutely gorgeous view.

When it comes to shopping no compromises are welcomed, the Skylon tower provides an ultimate shopping experience for shopaholics visiting the tower all around the world. It has the widest specialty shops with clothing stuff in the shape of international boutiques and branded clothing outlets and jewelry stores with a unique collection of jewels and stones under one roof. Very special things include the unique Canadian souvenirs, handmade crafts and the artworks.

To watch the moves of the Niagara Falls more closely and witness the power of nature, Skylon tower provides a 3D and 4D movie experience which portrays the mighty power of the fall in an awesome way. It’s a great entertainment for all the ages to witness thrilling Niagara Falls attraction. Every visitor makes sure to include the movie experience as a part of their trip as a classic adventure.

The newest addition to the tower is the battle of the titans exhibiting huge dinosaurs with a robotic version walking, eating, and roaring. This makes visitors understand the life of dinosaurs years back when they really existed. Children are mostly attracted towards games like fossil digging, crayon rubbing and controlling the robotic dinosaurs.

Skylon tower is worth visiting; it not only adds to your entertainment but also enhances knowledge about history and geography. It is a place to be visited for relaxation and enjoyment of natural purity.

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