Singapore–The Commercial Hub


Centre of South-East Asia

The Republic of Singapore is being blessed with political stability for decades up till now. It is a corruption free state and is ranked the 5th in Transparency International Corruption Index recently, after the first four countries which are Denmark, Finland, New Zealand and Sweden respectively.

Singapore has the most business friendly regulations compared to other countries, and has topped the World Bank’s Doing Business rankings for the last several years. It is one of the world’s most leading financial countries having more than 600 financial institutions based in the country.  The domestic market is the attraction for the business people and it is the hub for all south-east Asian activities and also, the hub for the countries like India, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Technology readiness & Economic clout

Singapore ranks higher in terms of technology readiness, which includes the hardware, software, network and other technology solutions. Currently it ranks the 6th and can be improved seeing the growth in Singapore. As of now the economic clout is led by countries like London, Paris and New York. Singapore is at the 6th place after Madrid due to reasons such as weaker domestic market capitalization of its stock exchange and to some extent lower inflation. However, Singapore is doing significantly well in terms of strength of currency, financial and business opportunities, green field projects and majorly as capital investment.

Health, Security and Safety

It is just behind Tokyo in terms of health system performance which is considered as expectancy to the cost of healthcare per person. It also has the lowest crime rate and shares its ranking with countries like Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong. In terms of hospitality, stability of political government and end of life care, Singapore is fairly placed.

Forthcoming developments

  • DUO: It is a future twin-tower which consists of residential and commercial complexes located on the border of Rochor Road and Beach Road in Singapore. After its completion it will play a major role in transforming the new centre for the city.

  • Marina One: This development includes 34-storey long residential building and two 30-storey prime grades: A, office towers and a retail podium, the heart, which will be accompanied by lush greenery and landscaping.

  • Asia Square: Another twin tower, which is located in Marina Bay and covers 2,000,000 sq ft. of grade A office space, five star hotel containing 280 rooms and 60,000 sq ft. of retail space.

  • South Beach: It is planned commercial and residential complex to be located on the Beach Road in the Downtown of Singapore. This development will include shops, offices, hotels and residential space.

Transport Advancements

Major advancements are happening in terms of connecting Singapore via MRT, i.e. the local train or metro service. The Downtown Line, Gali Batu Depot, Eastern Region Line, Thomson Line, North South Line Extension, Tuas West Line, Marina Coastal Expressway, Changi Airport Terminal Four, Jurong Region Line, Cross Island Line, Downtown Line Extension, North East Line Extension, Circle Line Stage 6.

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