Asia owns a special charm owing to the beautiful countries that are part of. Located in the Far East part of Asia, Singapore is a country that has seen rapid advancements over the past half century. Operating as one of the most rapidly growing economy in Asia, Singapore has become a famous tourist destination for many people. The country has many tourist destinations that attract these crowds, some of which are:

Sentosa Island:

Sentosa is one of the most famous island resorts in all of Asia, attracting close to five million people every year. Home to a 2 kilometre long sheltered beach and a host of other attractions, it is one of the proud Singaporean attractions. With a Sky Tower, the famous Merlion statue, Dolphin Lagoon and the Underwater World and the magical Songs of the Sea, Sentosa Island is one of the major contributors to Singapore’s economy, which relies heavily on its tourism sector.

Jurong Bird Park:

Jurong Bird Park which is managed by the Wildlife Reserves Singapore is a 50 acre long bird park that houses some of the most exotic birds of the tropical and sub-tropical regions. With over 900 species of birds that have made the park their haven, the beautiful reserve includes a lot of recreational activities including ones where guests can pay and feed the birds who come and eat from their palms, while resting on their shoulders. A must visit for nature lovers; the greenery of the park is also something that has stunned guests and tourists all over the world.

Singapore Flyer:

The Singapore Flyer, a giant Ferris wheel that completed construction around 2008 is one of the best known monuments in Singapore’s high-rise skyline. With 28 air-conditioned capsules that can accommodate up to 28 people each, the wheel rises for above 165 metres above sea-level and offers a beautiful view of the entire Singaporean peninsula. Opened in 2008, the wheel is one of the signs of an evolving modern Singapore to the world. A popular location for movies and television shootings, the wheel has a waiting list, and tickets must be booked in advance if people wish to enjoy the attraction.

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