Shangri-La Hotel Luxury hotel and Resort

Shangri La Hotel

Going on a vacation, checking in a hotel and staying there for a couple of days or weeks can be pretty exciting. You can go for a long swim in the pool, order whatever you want, straight to your room supported with the room service. The best part is yet to come: You do not have to clean your room, make your bed or wash your clothes! You can have someone else come in and do it for you! All you have to do it kick back, enjoy and relax.

Who doesn’t like being treated like royalty? Good food, good entertainment, good environment, the works. Next time you plan out a vacation, choose Shangri- La Hotels and Resorts, for the best time of your life. With highly decorated rooms and world class services, they can be easily ranked among the top leading hotels and resorts in the world. For Shangri-la hotels and resorts, hospitality is the name of the game. The staff is extremely courteous and hospitable. Everyone does his best to make you feel welcomed and feel right at home.

How it All Began:

Shangri-la Hotels and Resorts actually began in 1971 when they came up with their first deluxe hotel in the breathtaking city of Singapore. Since, then it has come a long way, and it has up to 81 hotels and resorts now, spread throughout Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Europe and North America. However, there seems that nothing can stop the Shangri-la Hotels and Resorts from expanding! They have a number of new projects underway and are working on developing hotels in countries like India, Indonesia, Philippines, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, United Kingdom etc.

Shangri-La Hotels

Shangri-La Hotels are five star, super luxurious hotels, which are located in some of the prime locations, across North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific. Travelers and tourists can expect to be treated with world class services. Their hotels have only the finest dining experience with mouth watering dishes. Once you check in a Shangri-La Hotel, you will be amazed to see how hospitable they are.

Shangri-La Resorts:

Relax, Renew and Rejuvenate! The Shangri-La Resorts are filled with nature splendor. The guests can choose from a wide variety of recreational and rejuvenation activities, as well as cultural experiences. These resorts offer their guests only the best kind of treatment and once again, the staff is extremely courteous and hospitable.

To find out more about the amazing, hospitable world of Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, you can head over to their official website. You can even check out if your holiday destination is listed among the places where they have their hotels and resorts. The site has a lot of useful information and pictures, too. For further information, you can call them or drop them an e-mail.

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