Shanghai Museum where the Ancient Chinese Art Furniture and Jade are Present

Shanghai Museum

Where Chinese art rests:

Shanghai museum is known for the preservation of Chinese art and culture. It was established in 1952 in horseracing club. It was then moved to another position in 1959 in Zhonghui building. This location was well suited for a museum, and the museum gained much attention and art pieces maintaining this position.

Afterwards in 192, the municipal government thought of its permanent position and allocated a piece of land to this museum in the centre of the city, Shanghai. Talking about the building of the museum, it is as high as 29.5 meters consisting of 5 floors. The whole building occupies an area of 39,200 meters square. The building of the Shanghai museum has a very interesting design and architecture. Although the building was designed by a local Chinese architect named Xing Tonghe, yet the building looks marvelous and is itself a piece of art. The building has been shaped as a cooking utensil that was used in ancient China which was made of bronze. The building looks exactly like it. The name of that utensil was “ding”. According to this utensil, the building was designed with perfection in terms of its shape. It has a round top with a square base. This is also believed to symbolize a Chinese belief that the earth is square while the sky is round. The magnificent collections

In number, the shanghai museum has 120,000 art objects. These objects include jades, art pieces, calligraphy, furniture, sculptures, paintings, ornaments, ceramics, bronze, coins, seals and everything else that contributes towards Chinese art and culture. The museum has been divided according to the art pieces it possesses. Since it has a huge collection of paintings, bronze and other art pieces, it has been classified into galleries to make it easier for people to visit the museum. The following galleries are the most prominent ones within the museum:

1.            Chinese Bronze gallery

2.            Chinese sculpture gallery

3.            Chinese paintings gallery

4.            Chinese calligraphy gallery

5.            Ancient Chinese Jades gallery

6.            Chinese furniture gallery

7.            Arts and crafts gallery by minorities of China

8.            Chinese ceramics gallery

The Shanghai museum also features some of the important and ancient art pieces including coins from the Silk Road which have been preserved since 1992. The museum also has transparent bronze mirrors which originally belonged to the Han dynasty. Keeping these things preserved for such longer periods of time, the shanghai museum has been able to reserve the modern and ancient Chinese art and culture. While the paintings include master pieces like Mountain summer, A lady holding fan, Six trees and many more, the sculptures are not left behind either. The sculptures include extraordinary creations of the Chinese people like the Buddha statue, Gilt bronze Buddha and more. One can never get bored in this museum as it features all sorts of art pieces for all kinds of people. There are paintings for the intense art lovers, ceramics and arts and crafts for the creative ones and bronze for the ones who like jewelry. The jades also attract numerous tourists from all over the world.

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