Shanghai–Chinas cosmopolitan darling


The Facts

By far Shanghai is the largest city by population in China and also, the most populated city in the world. It has over 23.9 million people. It is considered to be the cosmopolitan darling and is often forgotten by the travelers, as they always give more value to seeing the Great Wall of China and the Terracotta Warriors which are both in Beijing. In 2013, passport holders of many countries including Australia were granted visa-free transit stay of upto 72 hours when taking international transfers via airports.

The Financial Center and other attractions

The World Financial Center of Shanghai is a remarkable icon of the city’s skyline as it has the biggest height and is shaped pretty well. The building measuring 500 metres high also has the Park Hyatt which gives a fantastic view to the people courtesy of glass-bottomed observation deck on the 100th Floor. There is a wonderful bar on the 92nd floor, which offers an awesome view of the city. Another major hotel at Shanghai is JW Marriott which is at Tomorrow Square having 60 stories above downtown Puxi and is close to the central Shanghai’s business district which is a walk able distance to Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai Grand Theater, the shopping center at Nanjing Road, The Bund Shanghai and other sites which showcases Shanghai culture and its historical significance.

Studying in Shanghai 

The Xuhui beautiful campus of Shanghai offers studies to students at reasonable prices. A person studying there can survive with RMB 1000 per month and enjoy the facilities like housekeeping which covers bedding materials, frequent laundry service, cleaning services, air conditioning, supply of hot water all day and heaters along with the broadband connection. This would work out to be as 12,000 RMB per year, and an additional RMB 10,000 spend per year for food.

Shanghai Hypermarket

Shanghai is very western in lifestyle and is increasingly a critical center of communication with other parts of the world, specially the western. One of the major examples is the Pac-Med Medical Exchange which is a clearing house of medical data and also, is a link between the Chinese and the medical infrastructure of the western. China is trying hard to conquer the world for the number one status in terms of living conditions and trade status. Shanghai includes three main key areas of interest for visitors, mainly, Shopping, Business and Sightseeing. The city’s Cultural Center having public activities and other facilities like Entertainment and Holiday Tourism area is located at Chongming Island, Dingshan Lake, Mt. Sheshan and Shenshuingang Area. Shanghai is known as the Paris of the East and is truly a shopping paradise. If you are a food lover, you can find many types of cuisines in the city. Shanghai’s popularity is increasing year after another.

People’s Square

It is a large public square in the Huangpu District and is the site of Shanghai’s municipal government building and is majorly used for Shanghai municipality. Before 1949, the People’s Square was used as a course for horse racing, But when the new Communist government took over it took severe actions regarding banning the horse racing and gambling, a part of race course became the People’s Square. It is now used as the spectator stand during the parades.

Major changes took place in 1990’s when Shanghai Municipal Government was moved from the former HSBC building, and the Shanghai Museum was also moved from its previous site. Recent additions to the People’s Square are the Shanghai Grand Theater and Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall. The left out parts of Race course are still left as unused and the clubhouse buildings have been converted into Shanghai’s Art Gallery and some part has become the People’s Park which is a public park.

Dongtan Eco-City

This is a new initiative by the Chinese Government on the Chongmin Island to have a green city which will provide life’s to 500,000 residents. This place will be eco-friendly and will be the first sustainable, carbon-neutral city which has an approximate size as of Manhattan. Dongtan is the largest project of its kind and is providing around 15,000 residential units which were completed in 2010. Some of the features which Dongtan offers are:

  • Cars are totally banned in this area and the area is connected with the city by a light rail. Dongtan is connected via tunnel that is 25 km from Shanghai.

  • 60% of the island is dedicated to the farms and the parks inclusive of wetlands to preserve the habitat of black-faced spoonbill, which is a rare migratory bird.

  • Array of solar panels and wind farms on the outskirts of the city are supplying energy. Residents monitor their energy use via meters provided to them and also, receive warning messages when it surges. They also dump their trash into chutes outside their building which will be automatically recycled and sorted.

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