Sea world in San Diego

Sea world

The San DiegoSea World was created by the graduates of university of California in the year 1964. It was first designed as a submerged restaurant.  This simple idea was expanded to 22 acre marine zoological park with the shore of mission bay. It started with 45 employees at the initial level. There are a few dolphins, seawater aquariums and a few dolphins.

The San Diego Sea World has played a great role in increasing tourism in the city. Even in the start, the park attracted 40,000 visitors.

Now, the San Diego Sea World features a number of programs as well as world class exhibits. The interaction with animals and the natural habitat are quite overwhelming.  You will be thrilled to see the turtles and other incredible creatures out there and not found elsewhere.

Moreover, you can do a number of things at the animal marine theme park. You will find it as a mini city of its own. It has now 189 acres of animal habitats, rides, large aquariums, shops and a lot more. You will find attractions like Turtle Reef, Dolphin Point, Penguin Encounter and Shark Encounter.

The park also has a sesame street bay of play for kids. All kids have a nice fun time there. There kids can meet characters like big bird, Elmo, Oscar and much more. There are a number of rides there too for both kids and for adults. You can find amazing splashy rides and roller coasters. There are other wonderful rides also which include shipwreck rapids, manta, Atlantis, wild arctic ride and more. You will feel as if you are on a mission to save the endangered animals.

Over 16,000 animals are available in the Sea World. If you want to experience touching these animals and take care of them, then you can even sign up for the tour of the park. It will take you to different working areas and make your experience a joyous one. A tour guide will make you learn a number of fascinating facts about the commitment of the park to wildlife. You will get to know much about the habitats of animals there.  The tour can let you even touch a shark. You rguide will also let you explore the entire park and take care of the animals by feeding and cuddling them.

If you have got your whole family wishing to explore the San Diego Sea World, then you can avail the family discount package. Likewise, there are plenty of packages available for individuals. This will enable you to avail discount on the trip, too. There are even member ship cards available for those who would like to visit the park again and again. There are plenty of fun and entertaining facilities available here in the park. You will have a wonderful time whenever you will come to visit this interesting park.

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