Savannah-A Place to Relax and Enjoy the Beautiful Pleasures of Life


Savannah exudes plenty of charm and beauty to its visitors. As Georgia’s oldest city, it is a lot more than you would assume of its having plenty of old mansions that have stood the test of time. Savannah, which was once the heart of the import and export trade connecting Georgia to the rest of the world, now holds special interest for many, many tourists. There are plenty of activities to be enjoyed while in the area.

Savannah has no shortage of historic homes which makes many visitors think that they have travelled back in time to the olden days! There are plenty of historic remnantsjust waiting to be explored. The city with its laid-back atmosphere provides for plenty of tranquility toits visitors.

In terms of alcoholic consumption, don’t be surprised when you pass bypeople holding plastic cups and sipping from them. Thisis becausethe city has an open-container law, which means that as long as your beer or cocktail is in a plastic cup then you can walk around the streets while drinking it.

For an indepth discovery of Savannah, be sure to enjoy a beautiful stroll along Bull Street, with visits to the City Hall, the U.S Customs House or the Christ Episcopal Church. Pay a visit to Forsyth Park and check out the huge, cast-iron fountain at the park which is also its focal point and a testament to a period in time when large parks were trendy in American cities.

There are plenty ofsquares in Savannah with plenty of statues, fountains, pathways and huge old trees overhanging the benches at the parks in the area. These are another testament to the city back in the day, with most of them having been laid out in the mid 1700s and 1800s.

Fort McAllister, a State Historic Park awaits visitors to indulge in a bit of camping, fishing, hiking or picnicking. The Fort showcases the coastal defense utilized during the Civil War and offers a number of recreational opportunities within its natural beauty.

In short, Savannah is a gorgeous city exuding a beautiful natural charm and is dotted with splendid architecture from times gone by. The cobblestone streets take you back to a time when the streets were thriving with traders going about their business. There are plenty of festivals to take part in at different times of the year as well as many different delicious foods to indulge your taste buds!

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