Sandanbeki Cliff Most Notorious Suicide Spot in Japan

Sandanbeki Cliff

Do you know about the world’s most famous suicide spots? Cliff of Sandanbeki in Japan is the most popular suicide spots in the whole world. It is a known fact that thousands of people commit suicide in the world, but suicide rate is very higher in Japan. Last year more than 70% suicide victims in Japan were male. It shows the higher rate of suicide in males due to certain factors like unemployment, social pressure, depression and many other factors.

Methods of committing suicides in Japan

People use different methods to commit suicide in Japan, but the most famous methods include hanging, overdosing of toxic drugs and leaping off high places. Some people also jump in front of buses and trains to finish their life. It is reported that last year majority of people used household products to make a very toxic and poisonous gas. The use of pesticides is also reported for the same purpose in Japan.

Sandanbeki Cliff

It is a small town in Wakayama, and it has become an attraction for people that see no other way out. People use the top area of this cliff to commit suicide. They jump from this top cliff to the rough sea below. This site overlooks as staggering rocky drop. You will also find a sign board on the edge of this cliff saying” a dead flower will never bloom”. The purpose of this statement is to encourage people to fight against the challenges of life.

Travel guide to Sandanbeki Cliff

Rising to a height of 60 meter of Pacific Ocean, you will find Sandanbeki Cliff. It is reported that Sandanbeki Cliff has been shaped by the erosion of waves. The walking path is available to the rim of Sandanbeki Cliff. You can enjoy the amazing views here.

Exploring Sandanbeki cave is also an exciting experience for tourists. This cave is located inside the Sandanbeki Cliff, and it is the best tourist spot for tourists. The tourists usually travel to 36 meters below earth level to reach this spot. Now an elevator is also available here to take the tourists to the  Sandanbeki Cave. You will find this cave like a Maze due to the presence of numerous odd shaped rocks. Now the Sandanbeki Cliff has become the most notorious spot on earth for suicide purpose. Now suicide has become a leading cause of deaths in Japan. In the range of age 20 to 35 years old, suicide rate is highest.

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