San Francisco California - Key Attractions to Sample

San Francisco

Never fall short of options when out to enjoy maximally during your tour of San Francisco in California. This is arguably the city of choice for many tourists and its location as well as climate makes it more favored over other places all year round. This city is characterized by steep hills that are surrounded by big water masses to create a good scenic view for visitors. In short, it has all that you will need to satisfy your thirsty eyes.


Alcatraz Island is one of the sites that will most grab your attention in San Francisco. Some of the features that make up this ancient island include a lighthouse, a military prison from 1868, a military fortification, as well as federal prison. All these will give you a sense of what used to happen at the island in the ancient days when modernity was not foreseeable. You will have to visit this island if at all you are keen on learning one or two things about the ancient Alcatraz Island.

Unlike in the past, this island is easily reachable to tourists today since its management has been entrusted with the national park service. For easy access to the area, there are ferry services that operate to and from the island and this is the main transport option available.

Cable Car Museum

The cable car museum is the place to be at and learn a lot of heritage concerning San Francisco and its surroundings. The place has rich information on builders, technologies and key efforts that are being run to ensure cable cars that once were a key feature of San Francisco never fades away into extinction. Visit the cable car heritage department of the museum to know what I’m talking about.

The museum itself has a huge collection of photographs for historic cars, it displays all the mechanical aspects of the cars and every vital thing that helps in preserving the cars’ history. If you have heard of the cable cars in the past and had no idea what they are, this museum will give you a vivid picture of that through revisiting the history as preserved for decades and centuries.

This museum has an online store from where you can get all the critical information like operation schedule, guidelines for tourists, transportation options available and contact details. Make sure you have visited this store in case you are from far countries and are planning to visit San Francisco. It will help you prepare adequately by handling all logistical issues in advance.

Golden Gate Bridge

Bridges are common over the world, but the golden gate bridge is not like any other. It has its own unique features and history attached to its presence which you should have the curiosity to learn about whenever in San Francisco. It expands to approximately three miles in length and connects San Francisco Bay to the Pacific Ocean. The initial idea to build the bridge was conceptualized in 1916 by a local engineer called James Wilkins.

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