San Bernardino Mountain Range – Into The Oblivion

San Bernardino Mountain

If you think that California is filled up with 24/7 casinos and the star studded hotels, then it is evident that you have hear wrong about the place.  There are many dimensions of California that depicts the ancient life of America hidden under the natural assets of the state.  The rough peaks on the western seaboard have many oblivious visual treasures that are yet to be explored in a full swing.  One such epitome of the Californian hill range is the San Bernardino Mountains.

San Bernardino Mountains is an offbeat mountain range that is located in the Southern California.  The high and rugged range extends over two Californian counties for an amazing distance of nearly 70 miles.  The range consists of some of the tallest peaks in the region, and the highest point in this San Bernardino Mountains is the San Gorgonio peak which is elevated at a mind boggling altitude of over 11, 500 (ft) above the sea level.

San Bernardino Mountain range is a very secluded place in the California, which is frequented by lesser people when compared to the Sin City (Las Vegas).  This mountain range is one of the wilderness areas in the surrounding region that is untouched.  The United States Government is maintaining massive infrastructure preserve its natural essence.

Formation and exploration

This mountain range was formed as a result of tectonic depression about 11 million years ago and it was explored by the Spanish settlers in the 17th century.  Then in the late 19th century, the government understood the significance of this mountain range and proposed many reservoirs.  Many resorts were also planned at that time to increase the tourist value of this region.  From then on this place gained the eyes of the tourists, but still it is a wilderness area that remains with the same charm.

Adventure sports in San Bernardino Range

Apart from its exquisiteness, it also has an adventure aspect that is most loved about this range.  This mountain range is an ideal place for the adventure sports and many adventure sports lovers visit this range frequently.  Skiing is the main adventure activity carried out in this place.  The high altitude and the variable geography of this range makes it a perfect place for skiing.  Hiking is also carried on by many tourists along the slopes of this region.

Hiking and Skiing

Numerous resorts and adventure sports centers that organize skiing activities regularly.  As far as hiking is concerned, there are nearly a dozen hiking trails in the San Bernardino range with different ranges of difficulty that suits the hikers.  Some of the prominent hike trails are Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail, Crab Flats Trail, Seeley Creek Trail, North Shore National Recreational Trail, Trail of the Phoenix and a lot more.  Groups of people usually hike on their own, but it is advisable to take a guide along to make your trip perfect.

Other prominent mountain ranges nearby that are also famous are San Jac into and the San Gabriel ranges.  All these mountain ranges are collectively and metaphorically known as ‘Sky Island’.  These places hosts varied species of flora and fauna which serves as an ideal place for biologists to explore them.  On the whole, San Bernardino would be eccentric for a weekend trip with family or friends.

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