Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City

Bidhan Nagar or the Salt Lake City that today emerges as the satellite city was once a marshy stretch of terrain that involved no signs of modern civilization. Bidhan Nagar the name glorifies the eminent personality Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy who was the chief minister during that period and he was the only person who planned for this outstanding foundation.

Captivating Corporate World

Salt Lake City Sector Five comes out as the most urbane region that incorporates the Information Technology hub. The place stands out as one of the busiest places in Kolkata where you can see people rushing to their workplaces with a perfect corporate look. Therefore, this part of Salt Lake City really attains a glamorous echelon with a huge number of corporate sectors and the employees there with a perfect corporate look. In fact, this place gives you a feel that we are seriously approaching modernization and utilizing the modern technology to accomplish that.

Amusement Parks

Nicco Park adhered to the Salt Lake City Sector 5 is an amusement park, which is the place to enjoy for everyone. It assembles a great water park where you sit on the sea beach and enjoy the waves coming up. People somehow get surprised how can a big sea even with waves exist at the mid of the city. It is an artificial aspect that gives you a real feel that you are on the sea coastline. You can also enjoy the artificial waterfalls and the other fun rides that are designed using awesome techniques catering for a perfect atmosphere.

Apart from the water land, also the park includes other free and dry rides that are also equally enjoyable. Within the free rides, the most popular ride that turns out as a great attraction for the kids is the toy train. Have a great look at the entire park with a joyride on the toy train. The park includes all the other necessities such as food stalls and restaurants. Therefore, you do not have go anywhere else and can enjoy your lunch or snacks within the park itself.

Things to do at Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City has lots of things to offer. For starters, it may be a good idea to check out the creative souvenirs. Salt Lake stands out as a bastion of creativity. The city has lots of whimsical gift shops stocked with hand-made accessories. It may also be a good idea to visit Utah Farms. Previously, chain restaurants dominated Salt Lake City’s food scenery. However, in the recent past, intimate spots have popped out and are operated by young chefs who are largely inspired by bounty of local organic farming as well as artisanal purveyance. The botanical bliss is also another place to visit. The Red Butte Garden is nestled in the foothills above Utah University Campus. It has a neatly planted rose garden as well as 3.5 miles of walking trails and morning yoga in its fragrance garden.

A visit to Utah is also an opportunity to interact with architectural works ranging from the city’s Main Library-a curving glass structure, to the older buildings such as the Marmalade Historic District. A visit to the Sugarhouse district may also be a good idea. This place is renowned for its unique shops as well as pedestrian-friendly mini-neighborhoods. You could also consider an Italian tour. Salt Lake City also prides in lots of Italian restaurants such as Cucina Toscana and Lugäno which are perpetual favorites. It may also be an opportunity to get a one on one with Salt Lake City’s touring bands.

What’s good at Salt Lake City?

Other than being the headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake city also stands out as the hub of architectural works. Amongst its outstanding architectural pieces include Temple Square, historic Tabernacle, the modern LDS Conference Center, the Family History Library, as well as the Eagle Gate Monument. Other outstanding historical buildings include Thomas Kearns Mansion, City and County Building, the Kearns Building, St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral, and of course, Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Madeleine.

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