Russia, the Amazing Destination Unifying the European and Asian Civilizations


Russia officially known as the Russian Federation is a country positioned in Northern Eurasia.  Eurasia as it pronounces combines the landmass of Europe and Asia. Russia shares the terrain margins both from Europe and from Asia. Russia earns the recognition as the largest country in the world with a geological ground that swathes 17,075,400 square kilometers. Russia comes out as the habitat of 143 million people and so it is the ninth most populated realm in the world.

Russia also emerges as a prominent tourist destination with so many things to see and do. Here you can find the major tourist destinations at Russia, and you should not miss out while at Russia.

State Heritage Museum

More familiar as the Winter Palace the State Heritage Museum assembles the heritages that make it one of the most visited museums in the world. The Winter Palace at Russia assembles excellent knack and artifacts reflecting the talents of the eminent artists such as Cezanne, Monet, and Van Gogh.

In the year 1764, Catherine the Great initiated the authenticated collection of the extraordinary refined art works. Relics here represent the civilization of several eras starting from the Paleolithic work of arts to 20th century European canvases. Accretion of several edifices with the Winter Palace as the main building, the State Heritage Museum at Russia remains open for the tourists from the Tuesday to Sunday of every week. In addition, there is an excellent opportunity for the tourists who visit the museum on the first Thursday of every month. On this special day of each month, tourists are allowed to visit the museum without any fee. So, enjoy a completely free visit to the museum on the first Thursday of the month.

Krásnaya Plóshchad, at the Heart of Moscow

Krásnaya Plóshchad is known as the Red Square.  It is found at the heart of Moscow. At earlier times, the place was the resident for the merchants of Moscow. It holds an unpredictable history of the Russian culture and this is the place where Kremlin was being alienated from the commercial locales of the city. Today the Red Square emerges as one of the popular tourist destinations at Russia being visited by millions from all across the globe. Although many rumors and myths have been invented to say why the places is known the red square, the truth is that the word “Red” is the translation of a famous Russian word that depicts “beautiful”.

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