Rollicking Rio Rendezvous

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is one of those exotic places that come up in conversations with friends or family over the best holiday spots. The city, in Brazil is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and attractions that have won over every single tourist who visits there. Rio is situated on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and is the second largest city in Brazil.

Potential tourists who wish to visit this place must know that Rio is a haven for those who love beaches and lazing in the sun. Constantly cited as one of those places that you must visit before you die, here is a list of three attractions in Rio that you just cannot miss:

Copacabana Beach:

Probably one of the most famous beaches in the entire world, Copacabana Beach is a 4 KM long beach that stretches along the shore of the majestic Atlantic Ocean on Brazil’s East coast. It is known as a balneario beach, which means a Latin American resort town by the coast.

There are hundreds of resorts, hotels and restaurants that dot the shoreline and there are many activities that one can enjoy on the beach. With some of the whitest sand and azure blue water, just sit back and relax as you lose yourself in the peace and serenity that the Brazilians call paradise. There are many water activities such as water skiing and paragliding spots close by. Those who wish to play some beach football and volleyball can also do so with the locals in the area.

Copacabana is best visited during Rio’s carnival time or during New Year’s Eve where there is a party spirit that grips the entire city and the true spirit of Copacabana comes to the forefront.

Christ the Redeemer:

Christ the Redeemer is a majestic 38 meter statue of Jesus Christ that stands high up on the peak of the Corcovado Mountain in Rio. A monument that is listed as one of the 7 wonders of the world, the statue overlooks the entire city and is one of the monuments that are synonymous with the city of Rio. Completed in the year 1931, the statue is a symbol for the city and the population, most of whom are devout Christians.

The statue can be visited any time of the year and at night; its majesty is further enhanced by the beautiful lights that illuminate it. A must visit for anyone visiting the city.

Maracanã Stadium:

Brazil is a country that lives and breathes football. And the country’s most important football stadium is the Maracanã. Situated in Rio, the stadium has a capacity of nearly 79,000 people and has played host to two FIFA World Cup Finals, including the most recent one in 2014. A splendid piece of architecture, the history of the stadium is something that tourists must not miss.

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