Rocky Mountains: A Notable Destination for a Mountaineer

Rocky Mountains

The Rockies is the place to go if you are fond of mountain climbing. The much appreciated North American Cordillera stretching from Canada to Mexico in the United States of America contains the exquisite Rocky Mountains.

Nature, Reasons and Features of the Visit

Mountain climbing has been redefined, and these exotic locations have thus become famous tourist attractions. The Rocky Mountains is a grand mystic landscape of nature, well-known for beauty and unique topography.  The view, the soothing tranquility, the beautiful surrounding atmosphere and the wild plants are the main reasons for attracting mountain lovers to the Rocky Mountains. The initial exploration of the range stretching over 4830 km was due to the presence of minerals and uncommon rocks, fur-possessing animals and the flourishing of timber industry. In today’s times it is majorly a popular tourist destination due to the forest lands, national parks, natural reserves, besides being a location for hiking, camping, trekking, mountaineering, fishing, hunting in the woodlands, mountain biking, rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding and other activities that pertain to mountainous landscapes. Research workers are drawn to the Rocky Mountains owing to presence of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rock deposits, along with exotic uncommon minerals and rocks.

Chief Attractions of the Rocky Mountains

The Jackson Glacier now converted into a glacier park is attracting more travellers. This mountain stretch contains some of the highest peaks of the range. The climate is varied yet optimal for all tourists and important settlements such as resorts, cafes, hotels, mountain sports organisations, hospitals, and other necessary requirements being easily available make the tourist habitation possible. Travel is made easy by the availability of cars and other vehicles. Besides, mountain bikes can be rented for the solitary traveler.

The moderate climate makes travelling feasible. Forest lovers are attracted to the presence of pines, firs, spruce, and cedars that add to the scenic beauty of the Rockies. Bears, wolverines, deer, several recovering species of bald eagle, peregrine falcons and flora and fauna are all amazing things that you can see there. Keeping aside this ecological aspect, the Castle Geyser in Yellowstone National Park is another recreational spot that draws significant attention. There are also engaging mountain sports, national parks, gorges, rivers, recreational areas, glacier parks, ski resorts, mountain climbing resorts, summer houses and provincial parks.

How to Get There

The widespread presence of millions of well-known and reliable online travel agencies makes travelling to the Rocky Mountains affordable and pocket-friendly. Travelling by air is convenient too. Travel expenses have been tremendously minimized owing to the responsible travel agencies that arrange custom travels and the mode of journey, hotels, duration of stay as per budget.

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