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Minnesota is a city in the state of Rochester with a population of a little over a 100,000, not as big as a lot of the other cities in the USA. The city is mostly known for the renowned Mayo Clinic which is one of the best hospitals in the country, but thats not all there is to it, there are plenty of other places which make it an attractive city for tourists.


Plummer House

It is a beautiful place with green fields and a charming interior. The workmanship is ornate and worthy of the highest praise. It is well maintained and clean and is used mostly as a wedding venue. The flowers in the fields, the fountains, the dance floor on the third floor and the scenic beauty makes it a perfect place for weddings.


Assisi Heights

If there is one thing that cannot be missed, it is the Assisi Heights. They were home to the Francisian sisters who helped the Mayo brothers with health matters. The Assisi Heights Convent is a 3-story Italian Romanesque building, the home of the Sisters of St. Francis. The tour guide will be one of the nuns and she will explain the fascinating history in detail. Another interesting feature of Assisi Heights, than it's history is the granite columns which have the same structure but are of different colors.


Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial

It is a fitting tribute to the veterans of the country. It has beautiful parks and an amazing swimming pool for toddlers. The parks have slides and camps for children to play. It is very well kept, taking in consideration that it's funded by private parties and is very much worth a visit.

Silver Lake

The lake has a scenic paved path around it with plenty of Canadian geese to keep you entertained. In the summer you can rent electric paddle boats to cruise the lake. You can also bike around the lake or have a picnic. If you’re in the city for the Mayo Clinic, it is the best resort to relax in afterwards.

Douglas Trail

It is an amazing trail which goes through farms as well as suburbs. The views it offers are scenic. The trial is for bikers and hikers of varying skills. It can get a little crowded but it still is quite well kept. The trail is about 12.5 miles and paved to make is easy for beginners to have outdoor fun without tiring themselves excessively.

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