River’s End your Perfect Weekend Escape

River’s End

In the shackles of a job, when all you focus on is your work, sometimes all you need is some time alone in a place to calm down and be relaxed. Once in a while, it feels great to head for a place where you and your loved ones can have a wonderful time.

Looking for a weekend escape where you can have some relaxing and peaceful time of your own? Welcome to River’s End where the majestic Russian Rivers joins the Pacific with a style. The fabulous location is very near to town Jenner, and offers some incredible views throughout the journey from Jenner.

You can enjoy a rustic stay in the classy River’s End restaurant which lets you gaze at some breath taking views. Gaze at the wild ocean, the big rocks, and the beauty of the ocean waves while having your lunch. The accommodation here is decently equipped with “no frills attached” concept. However it would not disappoint in terms of comfort on your vacation, the facilities are very usable rather than swanky.

If you are looking for an accommodation of five star standards and a hotel focused vacation then this place might not be your thing. It is all about a different kind of experience here. It is like going away from the contemporary setting into a more peaceful setting without being bothered by phones, television or the internet. The River’s End restaurant’s woody cabins are traditional, classy and beautiful with usable interiors. Some expensive views are in store for you here as these are located up at the perfect spot. The views from the window of the restaurant while having your lunch are ecstatic. Enjoy viewing the Russian River spill in the Pacific while sipping on a glass of exotic wine. It is like one of those fine dining experiences you had long time ago. A journey here is more about restoring you back to normal to help you handle the adversities of daily routines.

It is highly advisable for those who have never visited this part of the country to experience a beautiful and calm atmosphere. The amazing Sonoma coast offers a relaxing walk on the beach. When you head back to the beautiful wooden cabins, your dinner would be waiting for you. The food, the wine and the staff service are all exceptional. Take your time and enjoy your dinner because you are pretty much going to hit the bed after that.

Enjoy the sunrise with a walk on the amazingly beautiful Goat Rock Beach. The natural beauty is absolutely stunning, and the waves crashing against big rocks are inspiring. Lie down on the beach and feel your body getting rid of the daily stress that takes over your senses. Enjoy your time with your partner and look into the sunset together.
The next time you feel exhausted and want that weekend getaway with your loved ones, or just want to celebrate with your partner look forward to visiting this magnificent place.

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