Richmond: A Soothing Holiday Destination


Strategically located on the banks of River James, Richmond is one location that one may regret not visiting. Being the capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia in the United States, it is also the most populated metropolitan city in Virginia. It is home to various historically and culturally rich districts that essentially make the place an amazing travel spot.

The University of Richmond and the country club of Virginia are chief attractions too. Having a moderate climate and rich background Richmond attracts tourists from all over the world.

Things to Do in Richmond

There are several Anglican and Episcopal churches, many places rich of cultural background, art, monuments, architecture, river-sports and beer breweries. The outdoor recreation for thrill seekers along with water-rides in the James River sets the place apart as a marked tourist spot of great quality. It is ideal for vacations, getaways, summer stays, and spring breaks owing to the assortment of restaurants, local markets, regional tourism, and other modes of entertainment. Food, shopping, river-rides, get-togethers, travelling, learning the local cuisine make Richmond a sure tourist location. Over the years, it has effectively developed into a famous holiday spot for many across the globe.

Chief Attractions

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Virginia Historical Society, the Science Museum of Virginia, and Children's Museum of Richmond. The art, architecture, and standard of recreational value upheld by these museums increase the fame of Richmond as a popular tourist spot. Edgar Allan Poe Museum is another well-known museum that one must visit in Richmond. In the midst of the numerous churches spread over the entire metropolitan, St. John’s church is widely admired.  John Marshall House which is the home of former Chief Justice of the United States is located downtown exhibiting most of his literary creations and personal possessions. Hollywood Cemetery is the burial ground of two U.S. Presidents as well as many Civil War officers and soldiers.

Along the Monument Avenue, there are many memorials that are worth visiting by the tourists. A Tudor manor house namedAgecroft Hall is an estate located on the James River, it also lures a sizeable population of the visitors. Soldiers are buried in the Virginia War Memorial, pay respect to the brave hearts who lost their lives in war.

Theatres and opera houses such as the Carpenter Theatre provide scope for visual performing arts and entertainment. The significant structures have been designed by notable architects and add to the degree of tourism that Richmond offers. One such example would be the Science Museum of Virginia, which is located in Broad Street Station, and is masterfully designed by John Russell Pope. The presence of parks caters for sports, hiking, outdoor activities, picnics, alfresco meals, and recreational attractions of Richmond.

Transport Facilities

Air, land and water transport are all feasible. Travel agencies make the intricacies related to travelling to the place easy. Several online travel agencies offer cheap and beneficial deals for visiting Richmond, and one can easily avail these travel policies. Stays are made comfortable owing to the large number of hotels and guesthouses in Richmond. Enjoy your time in Richmond.

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