Quincy Market, Boston

Quincy Market

Quincy Market is one of the most outstanding historical buildings in Boston. It is located next to the renowned Faneuil Hall. The building was constructed between 1824 and 1826 in honor of Mayor Josiah Quincy. The building is a two storey building and measures 535 feet long while covering 27,000 square feet.

The building’s exterior is largely made using traditional New England granite, alongside red brick interior walls. As a matter of fact, the building represents the first major large scale usage of granite and glass in post-and-beam construction. Its inner construction uses cast iron columns alongside iron tension rods. To the East and West facades is a strong Roman style, accompanied with strong triangular pediments as well as Doric columns. In contrast, the hall’s sides have a modern/American style with rectangular window rows. In general, the building is rectangular shaped offering a lengthy hallway down the building’s centerline. Its roof comprises eight evenly-spaced chimneys, and has a copper-based dome and an open common seating area as well as major entrance sides.

Quincy Market History

The Quincy Market in Boston is a public market. Faneuil Hall which lies adjacent to the Quincy Market was constructed in 1742. Being a wholesale market, the building quickly rose to a common place for early Americans. However, people who gathered did more than shopping and hence the need for more space. In the early 1800s, Quincy market was constructed to create additional space for residents. Alexander Parris designed the market which was constructed on a landfill spot and six streets were opened to accommodate traffic to the market. Initially, the market primarily sold products such as eggs, cheese, and bread. Thereafter, meat vendors joined, and eventually butchering work began to happen in the market.

Present day Quincy Market

Quincy Market is one of Boston's most revered tourist spots, and is to the area’s inhabitants it is renowned as a place for quick, tasty lunch. It harbors more than seventeen restaurants and pubs as well as a few upscale restaurants. This is in addition to lots of fast food locations.

Shoppers can also access more than 100 stores and carts. Vendors peddle souvenirs as well as trinkets, while other vendors offer items made by the local talented artisans. Additionally, the restaurants offer lots of entertainment and so does the outdoor entertainment spots which people can enjoy all day, more particularly during weekends and summer months.

Boston being the capital city of Massachusetts has a good population and with high population comes greater requirement of food, entertainment and other needs. The Quincy Market in Boston has been serving its fair share of people for more than a century. Bostonians love the market because it is a great place for buying monthly groceries and every day supplies. Both locals and outsiders are aware of the market and most of them make it a point to buy only from the best place in the city. Whether you want vegetables, meat or dairy products you could not get it from a better place than Quincy’s market.

Boston’s Quincy Market has gone through thick and thin. It has survived for more than a hundred and fifty years and still on top. The first public market of Boston has been a safe haven for Boston residents and continues to serve with efficiency and excellent products. With a wide variety of products sold at over fifty shops, it’s a popular spot for shopping. Not only that but there are several upscale restaurants at the market which have diverse ranging of prices but are equally popular. There are shop vendors too who’re not at all wild but really polite and sweet.

One of the reasons it’s so loved by people is that it is convenient for a lot of people, and close to regularly popular sites. Popular sites near the market include the New England Aquarium and the Old State House. Also the New State House is very close to it. The Museum of Fine Arts which is in Boston is only a ten minute walk from the market and Boston Public Gardens too. Being near important places it has become the center where people come and enjoy shopping.

It is the perfect place where the old and the new mix; being over two hundred years old, it has seen the past and is now seeing the modern times. Another great thing about the place is the bed and breakfast places where a lot of couples come to spend a relaxing weekend without disturbance. Next time you’re in the city don’t forget to go to one of the places around.

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