Quincy market Boston M.A

Quincy market

Quincy market is and has been for centuries, one of the social life centers in Boston. Quincy market is a rather historical building located near Faneuil Hall in downtown of Boston. Its name is drawn from the mayor then, Josiah Quincy. As a matter of fact, it is Boston’s first public market. Being a wholesale market, it initially attracted many of America's early citizens; however, more than shopping ended up taking place. It was in this market that American patriots such as Sam Adams thrilled their crowds with anti-England rhetoric, and hence kept the spirit of freedom alive.

Since its construction, the market has undergone extensive additions to increase space for shopping. Initially, the market primarily sold eggs, cheese, and bread. Later, meat vendors joined due to ongoing butchering at the market.

What’s so significant about Quincy Market?

The two storied building covering an area of 27,000 square feet is fashioned using New England granite, and also boasts of red brick interior walls, something not common with many modern buildings. It is largely a representative of the earliest large-scale granite and glass use in construction of posts and beams. Its eastern façade bring together a combination of Doric columns and Roman style. At the building’s center is a long hallway in addition to a huge copper-covered dome at the roof center covering an open seating area and the building’s main side entrances? The old business sign boards are part of the wall’s decorations. The interior of the building uses innovative cast iron columns and rods. Notably though, the sides incorporate modern American design with rectangular windows lined in rows.

Today, it is rated among the most visited tourist attractions in Boston in addition to being a great place to have a quick and tasty lunch. Also found in some of its more than 100 shops are souvenirs, trinkets, and items by local artists. Apparel shops from leading names are also housed in the building.

The second floor of the building hosts more conventional retail spaces and so does the basement. A famous club, Comedy connection recently moved from the second floor to occupy the basement. It is one of the two biggest comedy clubs in Boston. As a matter of fact, at Quincy, entertainment is ever ongoing. The building is also flanked by two equally big buildings which allows for the expansion of the market space with an additional two concave market building enclosing a circular plaza at Quincy’s feast end.

The market sources for its produce are from Bostonians although it largely changed recently from a grocery store to majorly, food stalls, fast food outlets, and restaurants. This has earned it a reputation as a popular lunchtime spot for down-town workers. However, while the central structure is made from a combination of granite and Doric colonnade at each of the ends and dome-topped has retained traditional market layout, many stalls now avail international/specialty foods to meet the needs of tourists visiting the place. However, it remains the best and top-most Boston’s local grazing area.

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